The following artists will be painting LIVE at the festival! Their creations will be sold via silent auction, on SAT from 5pm – 6:30pm, in the music bowl.

Half the proceeds go to the artists, and half goes to the JOSHUA TREE LIVING ARTS (501c3).
These talented, passionate artists feed off the entergy of the festival and interaction with the audience.
Out of the studio and into the mix of the music and festivities !
Aerol Murray
Aerol’s enigmatic flow allows him to playfully dance through a plethora of mediums and styles.  “Our talent is our ability to focus”.  
Alita Vanvliet
An award winning painter, Alita VanVliet's work has been described as strong, deep, and soulful, with a real personal energy. The artists current collection titled Nature and Spirit, clearly evokes a deep appreciation and connection to nature. Working in acrylics, using an expressive stylized approach her artwork is rich in color, texture, and luminosity.
Annie Sturm
Annie is curious at heart and loves to experiment. No matter what she creates, she aims to produce a feeling of harmony and balance by including cosmic elements in her work. She hopes to deepen a sense of love and unity on the planet.
Caitie Magraw
Caitie is a self-taught artist whose style combines modern design sensibility with old-world mysticism. In her work, boldly unexpected textures and color palettes are woven into the grounding traditions of sacred geometry, Celtic patterning, and tribal design.
Cheryl Kandel  
Cheryl is an artist living in Joshua Tree, CA. Her painted landscapes are inspired by the beauty of the desert, and are vibrantly colored. She uses her photographs as reference, and usually paints a certain theme or subject matter, creating a series. This is her second time painting for the live auction at the music fest.
CJ Troxell 
If you've been to the past few Joshua Tree Music Festivals, then you've seen CJ's work. He created the phenomenal YOGA stage backdrop.  Whimsical, surreal, colorful & enigmatic!
Corey Clark
Corey is a self-taught artist from Southern California. His creative journey began in 2014 when he discovered his passion and creative connection topainting. His intuition leads him to starting the practice of creating Mandalas. Through this process he has begun to learn more about his true self and utilizing his own intuition. 
Jimbo Gimson
Jimbo is a multimedia artist who resides in Southern California. His work contains both abstract and representational elements that reflect his experiences. "The JTMF has become part of my being I am thrilled and honored to create a visual love letter and participate in this gathering of healing magical bliss!"
Keara Mulvihill
Keara  is fascinated by life, death, and dream states.  Through art she wishes to celebrate the whimsical beauty of the subconscious world.  "Paint is a magic catalyst in which we can share minds and connect as humans.  I hope you enjoy my world!" 
Keziah Jeanne Benson
Keziah Jeanne is a self-taught artist from Idyllwild California. Keziah paints from her visions of space travel and meditation while she draws inspiration from music gatherings, expressive dancing, and the healing powers of Earth.
Lala Hernandez
Lala has been live painting and working in the arts for nearly 4 years. What started off as therapy for a traumatic brain injury turned into a full time career. She has been working in photography and women's empowerment for the past 2 years, but always love to come back to JTMF and get her brushes back out. More of her work can be seen at and @BrujaMedicine on social media!  
Liv Zutphen
Liv Zutphen is a self-taught painter, inspired to paint by the beat-era abstract painters of the 1950’s and 60’s. Synchronistically, her first show was a group show in 2006 at 7 Dudley
Sponto Gallery, the location of the legendary beat hangout spot Venice West Café. Her first solo exhibit in 2011 was at Focus Gallery, North Beach, home to the Beats of  San Francisco. In her work, she loves to explore and expose the hidden emotional states that shape and control the way humans interact with each other. For more information
please visit Liv Zutphen on Instagram and
Marcella Swett  
Marcella is a multimedia artist who resides in Southern California. Her work contains both abstract and representational elements that reflect her experiences. "The JTMF has become part of my being I am thrilled and honored to create a visual love letter and participate in this gathering of healing magical bliss!"
Michael Shawn Cuevas
CA based performance artist pulls inspiration from indigenous patterns,  symbolism  and blurs the lines with a street style approach. mixing spray paint and acrylics with found objects and nature to create texture and give each painting depth and meaning accordingly to each experience.
Michael Wayne Thompson
Self taught artist from Lawrence, Kansas. The goal of my artwork is to try and expand the mind of of people viewing my artwork. Through this goal I expand my own mind. Hard focus on geometry, color and flow.
Miri (Mo) Willis
Mo is a self-taught artist from the Bay Area, California. After high school she moved to Hawaii, where she worked at a youth outreach center leading mural projects and workshops. Deeply inspired by this work and the lush thriving environment around her, she began to incorporate her experiences into art. Mo depicts the undefined relationship between light and dark, spirit and soul. By exploring immanence and duality, her work embodies the emergence of human strength. She plays with texture, urban street, bright colors, stark contrasts, muted tones and a multitude of experimental styles. Mo invites you to walk dreams immersed in sacred synchronicity, her work ultimately serving as a catharsis.   
Nora Bruhn  
Nora Bruhn is a San Francisco based artist/muralist who is influenced by urban culture and the epic nature of California. One will find a strong sense of color and light found in her diverse collection of work.
Rahil Hernandez
"I have learned more about myself through art than doing anything else; that's why making art is so important to me."  Rahil's art has an intricate but structured chaos and a psychedelic vibe to it. Catch him at J-tree drawing and painting colorful circles and spheres that symbolize unity, totality and wholeness.
Ryan Holland 
Born and raised in a small town in Kansas, Cruz Studios has always been creative and drawing since he was little. After living in South America, he gained the knowledge and experience he needed to take his art to the next level. Through this Cruz Studios has developed an abstract assault approach with soothing detail at the same time. ​
Rich Walker
"I change so often that it gets hard to explain. I am in search of the ever elusive moment when my Art becomes the interpretation of the moments magical and momentary!  I’ve lived long in the silent room and am wanting to leave and color to the world, NOW" 
Wesley Gainey
Wesley Gainey is a High Desert artist and graphic designer. Often working under the moniker "8 Bit Imaginations," his art and style is influenced by counter culture, pop culture, old school gaming, and street art.