KRAAK & SMAAK (Netherlands)
Friday 6:40pm

World renowned for their live electronic disco, funk & house fusions throughout the club and festival scene, Kraak & Smaak have performed at Glastonbury, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Bestival, SXSW, LIB, Bloom and on Jimmy Kimmel.  They performed here at JTMF in 2009 & 2014, both times packing a thunderous aural punch and fueling dance floor frenzies. Dance magazine IDJ calls them a "must see live band" alongside the Chemical Brothers, Moby, & the Prodigy. The core musical trio of K&S have remixed and collaborated with Maxwell, Fort Knox Five, Moby, Jamiroquai, Skeewif, Mark Rae and scores more pillars of the dance music world. SUPER excited to have them come back across the pond to the magical Mojave to light up the night !

Saturday 10pm

Now and always, Orgone delivers dirty, organic, California soul with heart.    Their sound is a cold-blooded blend of Deep Soul, Rare Funk and Afro-Disco. They roll like a locomotive. Orgone shifts effortlessly from slyly slinky to seismically cinematic, and the music remains tough and uncluttered. Their heart-pounding performances are life affirming juggernauts. The bold & graceful lead vocalist, Adryon de Leon, elevates the octets soulfulness to intoxicating levels. Steamy.  They performed at the inaugural JTMF in 2003, and in 2009, and founders Sergio Rios (guitar) and Dan Hastie (keys) have been honing their sound together since their teens.  Says the understated Rios, "We’ve really hit a sweet spot in our dynamic!”.

HOUSE of HAMSA (Bay Area)
Saturday 11:30pm

Members of Hamsa Lila, Liberation Movement, Heavyweight Dub Champion, Dirtwire, & Dogon Lights – experimental musical mad scientists all – meld ancient instruments, samples, live mixing, loops and electronics to create a one of a kind improvisational aural feast for the intergalactic soul. Their performances at the past two JTMFs were no less than transcendent. Vir McCoy (Hamsa Lila, Dogon Lights), Inks Herman (Hamsa Lila, Hugh Masakela), Evan Fraser (Dirtwire, Hamsa Lila) and Grant Chambers (Liberation Movement, Heavyweight Dub Champion), along with guest vocalists, comprise the House of Hamsa.

Saturday 8:15pm, and playshop Sunday 12:15pm

The Honeydrops don’t just play music—they throw parties. Led by dynamic vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Lech Wierzynski, and drawing on diverse musical influences from Bay Area R&B, funk, Southern soul, Delta blues, and New Orleans second-line, the Honeydrops bring vibrant energy and infectious dance-party vibes to their shows. They’ve taken the party all over the world: on 9 European tours, featured slots at such premiere festivals as Monterey Jazz, High Sierra, and Outside Lands, and recent performances supporting Bonnie Raitt, B.B. King, Dr. John, Buddy Guy, and Allen Toussaint. Whether in those high-profile performances or in more intimate venues where the band itself can leave the stage and get down on the dance floor, the California Honeydrops’ shared vision and purpose remain: to make the audience dance and sing.

Friday 9:50pm

A multi-dminesional portal to transmutation, summoning the dawn of a musical revolution. Primal, tribal hip hop and funktastic otherworldly grooves….sonic shamanistic alchemy of the highest level.  Grant Chambers (aka Resurrector of Heavyweight Dub Champion), Sasha Rose & Noah King lead a cast of musical mad scientists, creating music for the mind, body & soul.  Powerful  and poignant.  Behold and witness a family of artists who truly GO DEEP to deliver heartfelt messages to inspire positive change and evolution.

Sunday 4:10pm, and playshop Sunday 10:45am

One of the most riveting African bands touring the world today. Their performance here last October was transcendant.  Mokoomba hails from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe; they are vibrant and distinct, combining their traditional Tonga and pan-African music cultures with dashes of Rap, Ska, Soukous, and Afro-Cuban music.  Since winning the Music Crossroads Inter-regional Festival Competition in Malawi in 2008, Mokoomba has toured more than 40 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania,  In addition to their set on stage, don't miss their (dance and sing a long) playshop at the Positive Vibration Station !

Sunday 2:20pm

Dirtwire sits on the back porch of Americana’s future, conjuring up a whirlwind of sound using traditional instrumentation, world percussion, and electronic rhythms. Comprised of David Satori (Beats Antique), Evan Fraser (House of Hamsa, Hamsa Lila, Stellamara) and Mark Reveley (Jed and Lucia), each performance brings both band and audience to a sonic crossroads of beats, bass, soundscapes, blues, bluegrass, country, African, Asian, Middle Eastern, South and Central American traditions. The result is a rebirth of Americana and a post-millennial psychedelic journey to downhome goodness.

Friday 11:30pm

Sonic love travels in many dimensions – through visceral pathways of the senses, as a uniting force on dance floors everywhere, in movements spanning entire eras to unify – whether souls, states or nations.  And as sonic love relates to House Music, Marques Wyatt is a seminal pioneer.  He is Big Love personified.  In the mid-90’s, at a time when the shape shifting of house music was rarely heard outside of Chicago & New York, Marques introduced the East coast sound to his native Los Angeles via legendary house parties like BBC, MACs Garage, and Does Your Mama Know to name a few.  For 18+ years, Marques and the DEEP-LA collective have been fostering freedom via the dance floors of LA.   He is truly a purveyor of positive vibrations at a supreme level.  His set here in OCT 2015 was one for the ages.

JAMBINAI  (Seoul, South Korea)
Saturday 6:30pm

Jambinai are more a FORCE of NATURE than a band, fusing the full dramatic range of post-rock dynamics to Korean folk roots to create an exhilarating, vivid and unique fusion. Their instrumental music is coloured by Kim’s fiddle-like haegum, Ilwoo Lee’s guitar and piri (a Korean flute made of bamboo) and Eun Youg Sim’s geomungo, a Korean zither. From ethereal classical sunset loveliness to heavy metal thunder, Jambinai take you on an exhilarating aural roller coaster ride. One where you subconsciously keep checking to see if your seat belt is on tight enough. They met studying traditional music at Korea’s National University of Arts, and bonded over their mutual desires to think way, way, way, way outside the box. 

BARAKA MOON (Pakistan/UK/Bay Area) 
Saturday 4:45pm, and playshop on Sunday 9:15am w/ Stephen Kent

Original dance music melded from ancient Qawaali Sufi trance songs, Indian ragas, Middle Eastern overtones, African percussion, and the Didgeridoo.  These master musicians reach ecstatic levels as they transport you on an aural magic carpet ride around the world. The hyper-charismatic Sukhawat Ali Khan’s energetic music signature springs from ancient traditions; he is the 12th generation of an unbroken lineage of master Pakistani & Indian vocalists.  His thrilling voice comes straight from the heart, and he plays the harmonium like a blues harp.  Stephen Kent’s didgeridoo work has taken him around the world many times, and his multi-cultural collaborations are genius in their breadth and diversity. He’s acknowledged as one of the contemporary world’s pioneer virtuosos on the didgeridoo, and has done more than any other modern musician to bring the ancient instrument into a contemporary context.  Baraka Moon graced the JTMF stage in 2011 & 2013.   

GENE EVARO Jr. (Joshua Tree)
Friday 8:15pm

Gene Evaro Jr has the power and dexterity of Earth, Wind & Fire, the music has the soulful craftsmanship of Stevie Wonder. Evaro can sing, play and lead in a way that brings to mind Stephen Stills or Prince. His songs have a natural showmanship built in to them, from charging, salsa-tinged breakdowns to fluttering horn drops, to big-city guitar solos. Watching Gene Evaro Jr and his band feels like you are experiencing some grand force of nature spiritually, like making love in a hurricane or testifying to the heavens in a meteor shower.

TODO MUNDO (Colombia / San Diego)
Thursday 9:15pm

Todo Mundo, voted "Best World Music" band at the 2011, 2014 & 2015 San Diego Music Awards, blends the musical flavors of Spanish Rumba, Reggae, Brazilian, Balkan and Middle Eastern styles into an irresistible groove that has been moving dance floors  since 2009.  The band is led by singer, guitarist, and songwriter Santiago Orozco, a native of Colombia.  Through music, Todo Mundo has learned to share their soul and experiences with the world. The power of music allows them to transmit their messages of unity, equality, and diversity.  Their music and performances possess explosive energy that celebrates life, with the aim of connecting with people from all over the world, and encouraging them to live in the present, as one.  They graced the JTMF stage in May 2016. 

Friday 5pm

Direct from Lima, Peru La Inedita packs a fantastically flavored mix of Peruvian Chicha (a form of cumbia influenced surf rock and psychedelia), Ragamuffin and rapid fire spanish rapping/singing ala Dancehall. Peru meets Jamaica. Feel the fire! They’ve fueled dance floor frenzies in the states, Europe, performed at SXSW, and will light up the desert here in May.

YAK ATTACK (Portland)
Sunday 6pm

Yak Attack will make you dance. Founded in Portland, OR in 2013, the live electronica trio has been making positive waves in the its short history. Rowan Cobb (bass), Dave Dernovsek (keys) and Nick Werth (drums, percussion & xylosynth) combine technical chops, live looping, and versatility to create a wall of danceable sound far beyond the capability of most three piece bands. Electronic and traditional genres including house, breakbeat, downtempo, jazz, and funk, tight compositions seamlessly blended with improvisation, and frequent contributions from guest musicians define a typical Yak show. The band released its first full-length album, “Real World Conditions”, and performed here at JTMF in OCT 2015.

SASHA ROSE (Canada / Santa Cruz)
Thursday DJ Set 6pm, 8:30pm, 10:45pm -  Saturday Acoustic Set 10am

Sasha is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician, DJ and producer. Born into a musical family, she started playing the guitar, flute, djembe and piano at age 5. She toured Europe at age 10 as a member of the a children’s chamber choir. By age 16, she was solo touring professionally through the US, Australia, Canada and Europe.  She’s performed in bands with Random Rab, Hamsa Lila, Prezident Brown, the Everyone Orchestra, & Joan Baez.  Since 2011 Sasha has been a key member of the Liberation Movement. In addition to performing with the Liberation Movement on FRI night, Sasha will grace the Café Stage on Saturday for an acoustic set of powerful, heartfelt songs.  And on THU eve, she sets the positive tone high with DJ sets with live vocals.

Sunday 12:30pm, and playshop on Saturday 9:15am
Spirited, deep, soul-stirring and thought provoking.  Trevor Green is a one man force of nature. Fusing world, funk, folk and jam rock into a high energy performance, Trevor’s music has a strong universal appeal. The versatile (understatement) multi-instrumentalist who makes use of vocals, guitars (6 and 12 string, lap, slide, banjo, mandolin and ukulele), didgeridoo, stomp box, and harmonica is truly a breath of fresh air.  The skill set of this finger style guitartists free form artistic ability, combined with enthusiasm and love of cultured music is showcased in raw, live, unedited fashion. His most recent album was recorded here in Joshua Tree with Robbi Robb (3rd Ear Experience) and Chris Unck (Lucky Bones, High Lonesome Studios).  His connection to our surroundings run deep, and his positive spirit and huge heart are a big part of this festival (this is Trevor’s 6th JTMF appearance).

Friday 3:15pm, and playshop on Saturday Noon

New Orleans schooled, gypsy spirited, collaborative by nature, endlessly curious, Myshkin Warbler is a rare bird among songwriters. With a stellar band helping animate darkly joyous, compellingly complex songs, and a cast of circus talent adding spectacle and beauty, the Royal Rabble Circus (which made it’s debut at the last JTMF) is built for ears, eyes, heart and mind. Thrills, chills, a soaring voice, and songs that slip under the skin and stay there. Literate, political, heartbreaking, soulbuilding, gorgeous.

Saturday 3pm, Wally's playshop on Friday 6:15pm, and Wally as 'Artist at Large'

Wally has toured and/or recorded with Dave Schools, Jackson Browne, Anders Osborne, David Lindley, Steve Kimock, Taj Mahal, Jerry Joseph, Bonnie Raitt, Warren Zevon, Eric McFadden, Sheryl Crow, David Nelson Band, Eric Burdon, Warren Haynes, Bruce Hornsby, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Shawn Colvin, Col. Bruce Hampton, George Clinton, Tracy Chapman, and Timbuk 3 to name just a few !  To say Wisconsin-born percussionist Wally Ingram is prolific and in demand would be an understatement.  Tom is a singer-songwriter with a defined and captivating presence.  He delivers conversational lyrics and honeyed melodies, a natural magic that is the soul of his music.  From heartfelt folk, to boho jazz, to straight up rock and roll.  Tom has toured and recorded with Ben Harper, Brett Dennen, Graham Parker and many more.  Both Wally and Tom have performed at JTMF numerous times, now they are bringing back the juju.  


Friday 11:30pm

Known for their often raucous shows, Whiskerman has taken to lush string arrangements framing bold prophetic lyricism in their most recent effort. Fronted by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Graham Patzner, Whiskerman utilizes the structure of a classic rock band to convey a timeless familiarity, luring the listener into a new mythological landscape with a story for our time. The songs of NOMAD were written through the anxiety and uncertainty constantly revealing itself in our society towards the collapse of industrial civilization. Somehow they manage to make it all sound so catchy. Tight grooves, powerful dynamics and virtuosic chops !

Saturday 11:30am

Soul-Folk-Acapella to soothe and align the soul.  A four part harmonic collaboration of Angels (flying too close to the ground?) featuring Elisa Rose from Ojai (Dear Beloveds), Alyra Rose of Sebastopol, Heather Christie (Feral Fauna, Cheraki) and Alison Miller.  The inimitable Vir McCoy (House of Hamsa, Hamsa Lila) holds it all down on the bass. Prepare to soar…..

Saturday 11:30pm

A dirty blues, dusty boots, rollickin’ roadhouse revue.  Song and dance, wild west romance, and girls that will kick up a row.  Frivolity guaranteed, this late night, locally produced cabaret features luminaries and love-lights Gabba Evaro, Piper Robison, Kali Poulin, Bryanna Evaro, Megan Hutch, Bonne Britt, Gene Evaro, Mikey Reyes, Chris Unck, Andy Gorril and more. The thin line between artist and audience will get particularly blurry once the Cactus Wine Experience unfurls !

Saturday 1:15pm

Born in the Magical Mojave, where talent, hard work and positive intentions collide, the Desert Rhythm Project is a dynamic Neo-Roots, Reggae, Funk & Soul band. Fronted by desert natives Michael Reyes and Bryanna Evaro, DRP deliver soulful harmonies, effortless melodic guitar techniques, and smooth bass rhythms. Michael Reyes' presence (lead vocals, guitar) is part James Brown, part Bob Marley; he delivers with conviction.  Bryanna Evaro's (bass, vocals) velvety folk-roots vibe complements Michael perfectly. Tyler Saraca (drums) and David Macias (Machin’) round out the line up, proving adept in a wide range of musical stylings.  Home grown ! 

Friday 1:30pm

The Adobe Collective was formed within the mud and plaster walls of the Lida Donnell Adobe in 29 Palms, CA. Tim and Faith have been lovers since High School and it’s clearly audible in the way their voices meld together – at times indistinguishable from one another.  Their music is built on vocal harmonies and dynamic desert folk rock arrangements. The collection of songs on WONDERLUST has added a psychedelic edge to their heartfelt lyrics and sound.

EDITH CRASH (France/Spain/LA)
Sunday 10:45am

Fiercely passionate, Edith delivers raw, strong & emotional songs sung in French, Spanish & English. A one woman band creating intense french blues, and medling the folk, punk & blues worlds for a truly one of a kind style. Siouxsie Sioux meets Kurt Cobain in Spain.  Internationally known, waiting for America to catch on. At once a bluesy, blood-raw, drum heavy romp, other times a sweet serenade, Edith Crash is a FORCE.

IAN WINTERS (Santa Cruz)
Sunday 7:45pm

Full throttle dance floor medicine for those that want to get down, and keep on getting down. Mixmaster General extraordinaire, Ian has brought IT to the Boogaloo Stage numerous times in the past. Breaks and Beats, tastefully paced, diverse and funktastic.  His mixes consistently rank high up on the MIXCLOUD charts for Breakbeat, Electro, Funk, TechHouse & Breaks. Check out the link below to dig his sets from the OCT festival.

CHRIS UNCK (Joshua Tree)
Thursday 7pm

Multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, producer, owner of High Lonesome Studio & High Lonesome Silver Company. Says Tim Chinnock of the Adobe Collective, “Chris is a craftsman - musicianship, songwriting, music production, even custom silver jewelry-making are all approached with a focus on excellence in craft.”  You’ve seen him perform here at JTMF with Lucky Bones, the Cactus Wine Experience, Desert Rhythm Project, and the Adobe Collective. He’s toured Europe, Canada & the states with Pink, Lucinda Williams, Lisa Loeb, and Butch Walker.  Chris & his high desert band will get the party started on THU eve with a rollicking set.

Friday Noon, and playshop Saturday 3:15pm

Born in LA, Shea was subject to 28 different foster home placements, and like 68% of foster youth, emancipated info homelessness. No doubt the early instability would prepare Freedom for the fast paced life on the road.  Freedom uses the stage to advocate for foster yout and environmental issues. Freedom brought the love on tour, opening for Rising Appalachia, and playing alongside Trevor Hall, Nahko, the Shook Twins, Mike Love and more. As a member of the LGBTQ community, Freedom was awarded the 2016 Rising Star Award by Black Trans Men Inc and has shared the stage with renowned artist Goddess & She who was featured on the Showtime hit series "the L Word". 

BAD JAMMA (Long Beach)
Friday 10:45am

Harmonic visionaries Viking and Anika team up in the musical arena at last: Bad Jamma is a raw live Electro-Funk experiment fusing infectious rhythms, dirty bass, psychedelic textures and dynamic vocals. Mainstays of the Joshua Tree Music Festival, Funkmeister General Viking and his Funktress/Muse Anika are thrilled to make their debut here in May.

Friday 12:45pm

“The foul rag and bone shop of the heart,” Yeats called it – that repository of musings, detritus and discarded emotions out of which we assemble art.  Songwriter-poet Phillip Rosenberg, performing under the name Rags and Bones, has spent a lifetime sifting through the leftover parts of the world and himself to try and create an archival record.  At 70, he feels like he may be getting close. In 2008 he left Nashville for the People's Republic of Joshua Tree where he hones his craft, teaches guitar, plays for the lunch crowd at the JT Saloon, and organizes the monthly Songwriters in the Round at the Beatnik Lounge.

DAVIS (Joshua Tree)
Saturday 12:45pm 

Blossoming in the midst of the desert's community, Davis brings a soulful voice filled with warmth and simple truth. With foundation in roots styles and a bouncy swinging feel, this music will have you feeling at ease.  Davis has graced the stages here with the Cactus Wine Experience, Gene Evaro Jr and others.  Dig her new material on the Boogaloo Stage for the lunchtime set.

MEGAN HUTCH  (Joshua Tree)
Sunday 12:45pm 

Megan Hutch's voice is a torch. She wields it with reckless abandon. She sings a furrowed brow, freshly painted toenails and broken down cars under endless stars.  Electric or acoustic, accompanied or solo, she twists tunes out of time unpredictably and entirely unlikely.  The world is full of of people with guitars singing songs, and she is her own world full of hilarious anguish.  Dig her lunchtime set on the Boogaloo Stage on Friday.