This biodynamic trance dance project feeds the dance floor flame with the natural vibrations of their air fueled instruements. A didgeridoo, jews harp and a beatboxer make for an ancient tribal throwdown of natural rhythms and sounds. As Aron (jews harp), Markus (didj) & Dome (beatbox) say, “We make music that sounds electronic, although it could have been played the same way thousands of years ago, too. No samples, no computers, no loops, only human voice, didgeridoo, Jew’s harp and air."

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Iran, Guinea, India, Cuba, Austin

Atash is not a typical band. The members of the group, each of whom collaborates in the creation of Atash’s music, come from many corners of the world. They are unified by a religious devotion to their craft, and a love for making people dance in a celebration of life that borders on ecstatic mysticism. Sounds of east and west, of Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas, meld seamlessly into a sound which is both hypnotic and vibrantly danceable. This is music about breaking down barriers, building bridges, connecting and celebrating.

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Ayla Nereo’s voice hits straight to the heart. With an array of loop-pedals by her side, she layers vocal melodies into majestic, sweeping harmonies and weaves magical threads of guitar, kalimba, piano, and percussion into each live performance. Her lucid storytelling and lyrical imagery are water for the thirsty soul; sounds embodying the many folds of our own selves.

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Balkan vocal pyrotechnics from Brooklyn. This otherworldly, haunting and spellbinding a capella trio draws inspiration from the rich traditions of Balkan folk song. The group gathers material from master singers, archival field recordings, and large mid-century choral arrangements, creating original, complex three-voiced compositions. The sometimes strident, sometimes unearthly textures and overtones characteristic of Black Sea Hotel’s sound evoke ancient yet potent stories which still resonate today.

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Hailed by Santana as “The voice of the street and the band of the future!”. Blue King Brown, ARIA nominated artist, is Australia’s premier live urban roots powerhouse. Their cross generational groove and socially conscious sound is lead by the multi talented, relentless energy of Natalie Pa’apa’a. Powerful vocal & lyrical delivery’s meet a dancehall, roots, rock & afro groove mash-up built on an irrepressible percussive foundation.

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Bay Area

Soul Power Supreme. Fronted by 21-year-old phenom Ziek McCarter (a gifted showman whose presence screams of a young Michael Jackson or James Brown), the band’s sound traces a clear lineage from the dirty funk, blues, and psychedelic legacy of Bay Area legends like Sly and the Family Stone, with a nod toward ‘90s neo-soul trailblazers like D’Angelo, but with an eye to the future, With a deep drive for experimentation and for reaching beyond the familiar Con Brio is dishing out funkdafied R&B with an ambitious, progressive sensibility.

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UK/West Africa

“He doesn’t speak French, and I don't speak English. But through music, we communicate” Sekou Kouyate. Driscoll contributes the rapping, looping, beatboxing and songwriting talents. Kouyate, already a phenomenon in African music circles, has blown minds and ears with his hypersonic electrified riffs on the kora, bringing the exalted West African harp into the 21st Century with use of distortion peddles, effects and previously-unimagined technical prowess. Together, Driscoll and Kouyate blend hip-hop, spoken word, funk, and soulful, accessible rock with Afrobeat, reggae and irrepressible African grooves.

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Joshua Tree/NY

Five hi-desert soul sisters swell the stage with truth, love and melody, captivating you with spellbound harmony. Liesl, Elle, Gabba, Piper, & Bryanna !


Brothers Matt (producer/guitarist) and Mark (drummer) Hill deliver a show that swings hard with neck snapping, knee breaking dirty funk. A bold display of livetronica with unbreakably deep pocket grooves and mad-scientist macro musical tastes that make their sonic explorations truly unique. With major festival plays and sold out shows under their belt, and international tours scheduled (Rainbow Serpent Festival in Aus), the brothers musical ascent is happening now. Dig their headline set on Friday in the magical mojave in May !

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Joshua Tree

Delicious soulful grooves delivered by a group whose hearts beat as one. Fronted by a brother and sister duo, you cant help but be moved by their blood harmonies and touching lyrics. If you witnessed their performances at this past festival, then it’s clear to you that they’ve got that elusive “it” that so many aim to create. The real deal personified, back to jam two full sets in the sand at the Roaming Sounds Recording Studio.

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Bay Area

Singing in both English and French, her songs dip from jazz-tinged folk to odd-meter soul, to twisted pop ballad and delicately dark fairy-tale. Canadian-Californian songwriter Madeline Tasquin was raised in Northern British Columbia by her opera singer mother and Austrian gold-miner father. She learned to play the piano as soon as she could reach the keys, and many years later in 2011 she picked up a concert ukulele, (“much easier to carry around town than a piano,” she says). Madeline’s acute sense of melody and harmony was forged singing with her mother and two younger sisters for hours on long car trips from the country to the city as a child. In her teenage years, Primus and Mr.Bungle played alongside Rachmaninoff, Satie and Chopin.

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The son of a French Bluesman, Sangally was schooled for 8 years on Jazz and the Saxophone before picking up an old guitar his dad brought home from a concert one night. Influenced by artists like Keziah Jones, Erykah Badu, Patrice and Ben Harper, Sangally began to create his own unique melodic vintage soul. Spending time in London producing other artists, he cultivated a taste for a mix of analog and modern sounds. He’s performed in the UK and his home country to rave reviews, now dig him live in Joshua Tree for one of his first US performances.

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The mad-musical scientist known as saQi is a trumpet wielding maestro and a sonic samurai of soul. Utilizing acoustic and synthesized sounds of all sorts, saQi creates intoxicating concoctions of groove that rock the party while still maintaining a grace and musical sophistication to engage the listener. Striking the delicate balance between darkness and light, major and minor, fast and slow, joy and sorrow is his specialty. He will be bringing the full live band ensemble to Joshua Tree once again to fully flesh out his finely tuned funktastic new release, “The Well”.


A global bass party extraordinaire…..Mas Funky ! “Subsuelo, one of Los Angeles’ illest, underground parties, has garnered the reputation as the melting pot between cumbia, electro, tropical funk, moombahton, trap, hip hop, and all points in between” Mutlitple turntablists, musicians and dancers (from flamenco to hip hop) combine to create a full throttle sweat inducing dance floor happening. More than a performance group, Subsuelo is a growing family of experimental modern global music enthusiasts bringing BIG love from the heart of LA to the high desert for the late night Saturday night set!

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More artists TBA. Check back for updates.



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