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Xavier Rudd & the United Nations

Sunday 5pm, Indian Cove Stage

Xavier recently unveiled his 9th album, and is barnstorming the globe with his dream project – the eight piece international all star band, the United Nations. Famous for blowing minds with his solo performances, this full band tour de force is not to be missed. “I feel the spirit of this band is very important. The United Nations is an example energetically & spiritually of where we need to be as humans….it’s time to Boogie!”

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Friday 10pm, Indian Cove Stage

“This Brooklyn-based nine-piece funkestra delivers horn-filled funk incorporating R&B, psychedelic pop, gospel, Afro-pop, new wave, and just about any genre that gets people dancing” – The New Yorker. Their fast and focused playing style will raise the roof on any given night. We’re talking about a Funk Army of multi-instrumentalists and singers that is part freight train and part tyrannosaurus rex, who even on and off night can blow away a room on basis of sheer physics alone.

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Moon Hooch

Saturday 10pm, Indian Cove Stage

Born on subway platforms in New York; two sax players and a drummer whipping up infamous, furious, impromptu raves. Moon Hooch is now a festival favorite touring with Lotus, Galactic and more. “Right from the start, it’s obvious that dance music flows through the veins of this band. You can hear it in the rhythms, feel it in the dynamics between the players, but most importantly, you can see it in the reaction of the crowd. Moon Hooch had them eating out of the aplm of their hand from the get go!” – Jambase.

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The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na (J5)
Vancouver / SoCal

Saturday 8:15pm, Copper Mt Stage

Borrowing inspiration from classic funk and hip hop, the Funk Hunters are putting the soul back into electronic dance music. Their reverence for the roots of dance has lead to an inspired collaboration with iconic rapper Chali 2na of Jurassic 5, who has called them "the selectah's of the century". (Chali & the House of Vibe delivered one of the best JTMF sets ever in spring 2011). The Funk Hunters soultastic stylings are in high demand, having performed at Shambhala, WTF, Wakarusa, and festivals in AUS & NZ. Together, with Chali 2na and his unmistakable baritone voice and 6 and a half foot charm, they become the dream dance team.

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Ben Miller Band
Joplin, MO

Friday 6:30pm, Indian Cove Stage

Full throttled one of a kind rootsicana newgrassy folkadelic music, aka Ozark Stomp. Washtub bass, claw hammer banjo, and a washboard with effects pedals. To say the Ben Miller Band has created their own style would be an understatement. Formed at an open mic night in Joplin, they are now booked at major festivals, and have opened for ZZTop.

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Daby Toure
Mauritania / Senegal

Saturday 6:30pm, Indian Cove Stage

Daby has toured the globe with Peter Gabriel, and embodies the sounds of Senegal, Mali, Paris and New York as well as the traditional music of his native Mauritania. In 2004, Billboard commented "Touré is a rising star". In 2006, Daby Touré was nominated for the BBC World Music Awards. Touré is a child of many worlds. A musical and linguistic polyglot, Touré creates an elegant sonic mixture. His music is a puzzle whose pieces, once assembled, form a comprehensive map of the world. It builds bridges between cultures and gives life to a uniquely poetic language and universal sound.

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Ronkat Spearman's Katdelic
San Fran

Thursday 9:15pm, Boogaloo Stage

Raw funk, rough and ready for a new world order. Ronkat performed for 10 years with George Clinton's P-Funk Allstars. His rocket ship tight band features two bass players, multiple vocalists, a freight train of a drummer, and a deep knowledge of all things funky. They start strong, and finish stronger. Ronkat is a phenomenal entertainer, skilled multi-instrumentalist, singer, and Grammy nominated songwriter, and BMI songwriter of the year; we are thrilled to know they will be throwing it down on Thursday night at the festival !

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Scott Pemberton Trio

Sunday 3:15pm, Copper Mt Stage

Scott Pemberton’s sound is much like the vibe of his native Portland: freaky, fun and just the right amount of weird. The best way to categorize his music is with the moniker “Timber Rock”. Scott naturally applies his own lens/stamp to the sounds of the Pacific North West, the region he has always called home. The deep jazz, NW rock/grunge, blues roots and the west coast funk. It’s all there, and often all in the same song. Listeners are finding this honest, original and to-the-point music refreshing and fun. The response to Scott’s music has made him an emerging force on the festival circuit, placed him at #1 in Portland’s pop charts, #4 on Bilboards “Tastmakers” chart and has generated notice from the press: “The Bruce Lee of Rock and Roll” –Tahoe Onstage. “A modern day Jimi Hendrix” –Chico Enterprise. “A wildly creative virtuoso.” -Jambase.com

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Bang Data

Saturday 4:45pm, Copper Mt. Stage

Bang Data is formed by Bay Area’s MC Deuce Eclipse on lead vocals, who’s well known by hip-hop fans as an accompanying voice to the legendary Zion I and musician/producer Juan Manuel Caipo who has become a sought out name producing & mixing in the San Francisco music scene and abroad. Deuce and Caipo have created music loaded with heavy grooves,Samba-Ska- Cumbia and hints of Afro-Electro- Bossanova. This mix of beats, rhymes and melodies are infused with soulful bilingual (English/Spanish) lyrics. The sound is unmistakably theirs. They delivered a monstrous set here at the spring festival in 2-13, and we are THRILLED to have them return !

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Marques Wyatt

Friday 11:30pm, Boogaloo Stage

Sonic love travels in many dimensions – through visceral pathways of the senses, as a uniting force on dance floors everywhere, in movements spanning entire eras to unify – whether souls, states or nations. And as sonic love relates to house music, Marques Wyatt is a seminal pioneer. In the mid ‘90s, at a time when the shape shifting of house music was rarely heard outside Chicago and New York, Marques introduced the East coast sound to his native Los Angeles via legendary house parties like BBC, MAC’s Garage and Does Your Mama Know, to name a few. Dance deep with Marques in the Mojave on Friday night !

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Lee Gallagher & The Hallelujah

Saturday 3pm, Indian Cove Stage

Rock and roll anthems, belting blues, psychedelic organ and huge gospel flourishes meld into that magic rock touch. “Top 5 up and coming bands in the Bay Area (CBS SF) and 5 artists you should know about (RELIX)”. Soulful rock with the fire and brimstone delivery of the 70’s. Gallagher sings with the fervor of a preacher, extorting the listener to break through self – imposed limitations. This is a heady mix of retro tube-amp fuzz !

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Adam Freeland

Saturday 11:30pm, Boogaloo Stage

From Burning Man to Watergate to Coachella and beyond, you'll often find Adam Freehand behind the decks, igniting minds and dance floors alike. With 17 years of extensive global touring history behind him, you might have caught the UK born Grammy-nominated DJ/Producer whipping up main-stage audiences at the worlds biggest festivals - or reveled in him dropping deep and dirty sounds in the most discerning underground clubs across the globe. Now dig his set under the night skies in the Magical Mojave....

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Yak Attack

Friday 8:15pm, Copper Mt Stage

Yak Attack will make you dance. Founded in Portland, OR in 2013, the live electronica trio has been making waves in the local scene and expanding its fan base regionally in its short history. Rowan Cobb (bass), Dave Dernovsek (keys) and Devin Weston (drums) combine skilled playing with live looping and effects, resulting in expansive sonic terrain and heightened peaks well beyond the capabilities of most live trios. Nick Werth (Galaxe, Scott Pemberton Trio) recently joined the group, expanding and colorizing their soundscapes. House, breakbeat, downtempo, jazz, and funk, tight compositions mixed with improvisation and jamming, and frequent contributions from guest musicians define a typical Yak show. The band has just released its first full-length album, “Real World Conditions”, and will soon be bringing its unique mix of live chops, electronic techniques, and monkey noises to a venue near you.

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Sunday 1:30pm, Indian Cove Stage

Candelaria combines long lost cousins Cumbia & Dub Reggae. By melding the sounds of the old Afro-Colombian traditions with the dub mixing techniques of the Jamaican masters, Candelaria creates a steamy, dreamy dance-inducing sound all their own. They keep the dance floor hot and the party moving.......dense mojo !

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& the FAMILY
Joshua Tree

Thursday 7pm, Boogaloo Stage & Sunday 8pm, Boogaloo Stage

Delicious soulful grooves delivered by a group whose hearts beat as one. Fronted by a brother and sister duo, you cant help but be moved by their blood harmonies and touching lyrics. If you witnessed their performances at this past festival, then it’s clear to you that they’ve got that elusive “it” that so many aim to create. The real deal personified, back to jam two full sets in the sand at the Roaming Sounds Recording Studio.

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Calliope Musicals

Saturday 1:15pm, Copper Mt Stage

Unrivaled, energetic, sunny psychedelia. “Throwing her fierce vocals skyward, Carrie Fussell channels the spirit of Janis, while the band tosses off a cacophony of psychedelic riffs, vibraphone jams, and chest rattling bass and percussion that could shake a mountain to its foundation.” – Beats Per Minute. Calliope Musicals performed here in May 2014, and have been performing, recording and rehearsing non stop ever since.

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Feral Fauna
Santa Cruz

Friday 11:30pm, Cafe Stage

This dynamic band creates their very own brand of unique soulful electronic music; rooted in acoustic instruments and human voice and sounds of other creatures. The core duo have been creating music together since fall 2012, and their ever-evolving soundscape will make your heart soar and your booty shake. Gifted, positive and uplifting music for the new world order !

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The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble
San Diego

Friday 1:45pm, Copper Mt Stage

The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble is a heavy, original, instrumental soul band based in San Diego. They draw influence from the masters of the style from the past and modern day, including: Quincy Jones, Jimmy McGriff, Mulatu Astatke, Isaac Hayes, and The Poets of Rhythm. A super tight musical force creating soulful vibes and putting more groove into your life.

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Son of the Velvet Rat
Austria / Yucca Valley

Friday 3:15pm, Indian Cove Stage

Sotvr’s music sounds as if they’ve spent a lifetime collaborating with Donovan, George Harrison, Leonard Cohen & Tom Waits. Georg & Hieke recently relocated to the desert, leaving behind an impressive band history in Austria with 5 albums to their credit. Beautiful poetry with origins deep in the cultural heritage of the European folk-noir and chanson tradition.

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Edith Crash

Sunday 10:15am, Cafe Stage

Fiercely passionate, Edith delivers raw, strong, & emotional songs sung in French, Spanish & English. A one woman band creating intense French blues, and melding the folk, punk & blues worlds for a truly one of a kind style. Siouxsie Sioux meets Kurt Cobain in Spain.

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Desert Rhythm Project
Joshua Tree

Friday 4:45pm, Copper Mt Stage

Introducing the Desert Rhythm Project...a Roots, Reggae, Funk, Soul band from the magical Mojave. Featuring High Desert denizens Michael Reyes, Bryanna Evaro, Jeremy Jones and family, a DRP show is a uber positive dance inducing experience.

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Cactus Wine Experience
Joshua Tree

Saturday 11:30pm, Cafe Stage

A Dirty Blues & Dusty Boots rollickin’ roadhouse revue. Song and dance, wild west romance, and girls that will kick up a row. Frivolity guaranteed, this late night, locally produced cabaret features luminaries and love-lights Piper Robison, Kali Poulin, Gene Evaro Jr, Liesl Clouse, Chris Unck, Gabba Evaro and more. The thin line between artist and audience will get particularly blurry once the Cactus Wine Experience commences. A real “hog killin’ time" to be had ! family, a DRP show is a uber positive dance inducing experience.

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The Redwoods
San Diego

Sunday 11:45am, Copper Mt Stage

The Redwoods create music for all the senses. No genre beyond grasp, be it hard hitting soul, psychedelic rock, desert noir, spectral folk, It is a collective of the strongest musicians and vocalists, armed with the new standard of songs. San Diego based bands The Midnight Pine, Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact, Creature and the Woods and Birdy Bardot will all merge to form one rollicking musical powerhouse with the seamlessness of a classic album. The common thread is the prolific songwriter Al Howard, who has performed at JTMF many times with the K23 Orchestra, Heavy Guilt, Rebecca Jade, the Midnight Pine.....and now the Redwoods.

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Victoria Williams & Ryan Erskine
Joshua Tree

Friday 12:15pm, Indian Cove Stage

Vic and Ryan met playing music at Pappy and Harriet's in the Sunday band. From different eras and worlds, Victoria, originally from northern Louisiana, and Ryan a native California boy, the heartfelt songwriters weave a psyche-delicate (both psychedelic and delicate) tapestry of tones. From old gospels and hymns to their pop/alt/folk/rock roots, their soulful mystique transcends styles. They were brought here to sing you what is closest to their soul. Their music is medicine, so open up to your subtler side and feel the feelings, and prepare to be washed clean and healed.

Victoria's Website | Ryan's Website

Joshua Tree

Saturday 12:45pm, Boogaloo Stage

Myshkin sings like a shiver down your chakras. Like a heart breaking all wide open. Together with Danny Frankel & Damien Lester, passions range from tango to electronica, folk-noir to gypsy-swing to modern classical to rocknroll. Literate & spooky. Dig the trio for a lovely lunchtime set in the shade of the Boogaloo stage.


Lucky Bones
Joshua Tree

Sunday 12:45pm, Boogaloo Stage

Gabriella Evaro & Chris Unck create soulful, haunting, painfully beautiful music together. Their heartfelt sounds are reminicent of a the wind blowing through a rusty can; a sound that can only be from the high desert. Artists, producers, multi-instrumentalists and conjurers of positive vibrations, Gabba & Chris both perform will perform with the Cactus Wine Experience on Saturday night. Then dig their lovely lunchtime set in the shade of the Boogaloo stage on Sunday.

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Jesus Gonzalez
San Diego

Saturday 11:45am, Indian Cove Stage

His music holds an unshakable cosmic yet earthly ability to pluck all of your heartstrings with an expansive range of musical instrumentation, guitar, flute, percussion, and smooth vocals as sweet as honey to hear. Some people claim to have levitated in their seats during his shows. Legend aside, listening to Jesus is often a profound and visionary journey into the heart of hearts, touching upon origins of Oneness, delivered in flavors of improvised psychedelic folk, funk, meditation, world sounds, hair-raising harmonies, and Source-connecting high-vibrational sound reminding all to see the beloved in everything.


Gina Roode

Saturday 10:15am, Cafe Stage

One woman, one guitar. Gina is one of the fastest instrumental guitarists around. Born in 1991 in Corona, California, Gina Roode was raised as a quiet small town girl. At the age of 12, Gina picked up her first guitar and began to compose her first song. Since then music has continued to flow through her. Her music style is that of Rock, Blues, and Flamenco. She is quickly blazing a trail for female instrumentalists around the world.

Website | Video

Alf Alpha
Coachella Valley

Thursday 5pm, Boogaloo Stage & Sunday 6:30pm, Boogaloo Stage

Born and raised in the Coachella Valley, Alf Alpha (aka Rafael Lopez) grew up listening to punk rock and 90's hip-hop. He traded his drum kit for 2 turntables and a mixer in 2001, and hasn't looked back. A prolific DJ & Producer, Alf has performed at Coachella, and collaborated with a wide variety of musical artists, including Gene Evaro & Family. Alf will kick off the festivities and THU evening at the festival, and make some more magic with us on SUN evening on the Boogaloo Backstage.

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Adobe Collective
Wonder Valley

Friday 10:45am, Cafe Stage

Desert folk music; magical, windswept, dessicated and majestic. Faith & Tim, a wife and husband duo and childhood sweethearts, meld their voices into one to create music that is pure, honest love. Love for each other, love for the music, love for life. Their songwriting reached a new level of when they moved to the high desert, "between the mud and plaster walls of our adobe home, i felt inspired to write" Tim recalls.

Website | Audio

Jessi Trauth

Moving with the music. Dancer, Choreographer (BFA Theatre NYU-Tisch), Actor, Singer, Director, Teacher; Jessi was born with the desire to inspire. She has shared stories via song and dance around the world. At our last fall festival, Jessi danced the entire set with Liesl and friends, and joined OU, Dynohunter and Galaxe for inspired interpretations. She is a passionate, confident and outspoken performer. In addition to leading a movement playshop on Saturday, look for her on stage as she joins the band(s) as our ‘artist-at-large’.




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