Big THANKS to our MC, Jessi Trauth,  and to the Joshua Tree Living Arts (501c3) foundation for making the
POSITIVE VIBRATION STATION such a powerful and inspiring place !

October 2017 Playshop Schedule

FRIDAY  -  October 6 
8:15am – 9:15am        Walter Winfield         Qi Qong
9:30am – 11am             Jenn Parma                 Moving Meditation
11:15am – 12:45pm  Jon Stancato               Inside Voice
1pm – 2pm                      Jessi Trauth                 Moving with the Music                        
2:15pm – 3:30pm        Stevan Morris            Handpan Jam                         
3:45pm  - 5pm               Fernando Artiga        Movement
5:15pm  - 6:15pm        Pierette  Baker           Sacred Gong Sound Bath

SATURDAY  -  October 7
8:15am – 9:15am        Walter Winfield         Qi Qong
9:30am – 11am             Markus Meurer        Didgeridoo
11:15am – 12:30pm   Bbdoeme                     Beatbox
12:45pm – 2pm             Jon Stancato              Inside Voice
2:15pm – 3:45pm        Jenn Parma                 Chakra Balancing
4pm – 5pm                       Jessi Trauth                Movement
5:15pm – 6:45pm        Jewels & Johnny       Cosmic Jam

SUNDAY  -  October 8 
8am – 9am                        Walter Winfield           Qi Qong
9:15 – 10:15am             Pierette  Baker              Sacred Gong Sound bath
10:30am – 11:45am    Szabolcs Gimesi          Jew’s Harp
Noon – 1:15pm              Bicicletas por la Paz   Afro-Colombian Music
1:30pm – 2:45pm         Stevan Morris               Handpan Jam

Bicicletas por La Paz   
Afro-Colombian Rhythms
Bicicletas Por La Paz will perform on the Café Stage on SAT at 11:30pm.   Then catch their playshop on SUN at Noon as they will be breaking down some Afro-Colombian "Cumbia" !  They will explore the relationship between Afro-Colombian rhythms and other Carribean, while performing some originals as well.   You might be surprised at how much you dance at their playshop. 


SUN   Noon 

Döme will be performing on the main stage on SAT @ 4:45pm with AIRTIST, a biodynamic trance dance band that fuels the dance floor with the natural vibrations of their air fueled instruments.  Döme will show how to make the first simple sounds like the kick drum and snare. He will also show advanced breathing techniques and how to play in a band as beatboxer! He will also show the big variety of sounds and rhythms that is possible with your mouth !  Döme teaches in a very relaxed and entertaining way – for beginners and advanced beatboxers.    


SAT  11:15am

Fernando Artiga  
Belonging - A Creative Movement Pow Wow

This is interactive dance class using primal animal archetypes. We would tap in the creative Mythic archetypes both individually and culturally to engage life's intelligence and abundance.   We will create a gentle playful container where we can listen to our somatic intelligence and needs while inviting, expression, creation, and play in a safe communal setting. Belonging is a dance movement practice that invites each mover to embody their unique self and take part in a co-creative experience. Through movement, dance and poetry participants will come into contact with a felt sense of authenticity and connection.
FRI  3:45pm

Jenn Parma    
Moving Meditation (FR 9:30am) & Chakra Journey (SA 2:15pm)
In this class you will start to understand the energy centers – Chakras – and how to work with them through your daily life, using the essential oils (to assist in the opening, balancing and activation of the chakras) and movement (to move and release the energy) as tools to assist the work to balance them so the energy flows, bringing radiant health, freedom and consciousness.  We will bring in relating exercises where we will learn to give and receive energy by still staying balanced and centered within ourselves. 

FRI - 9:30am  &  SAT - 2:45pm 

Jessi Trauth  
Moving with the Music

Awakening and honoring your body’s natural instinct to move. Come express your highest self through the communal pulse. Jessi is a dancer, actor, singer, director, choreographer, teacher, and health coach, and is the Master of Ceremonies at the Positive Vibration Station.  BFA theatre NYU- Tisch.  “I treasure my life as a performer and am honored to be an active participant in such a vibrant community of artists.”  With a BFA in Theatre from NYU-Tisch, her performance credits include: Chicago (Roxie), A Chorus Line (Val) National Tour & Tokyo, West Side Story (Velma) European Tour, Cabaret (Sally Bowles), The Music Man (Zanetta), Peter Pan (Wendy).   

FRI - 1pm   &   SAT -  4pm

Jewels & Johnny Nation     
Cosmic Jam Session 
Join Jewels & Johnny in a musical jam. All styles, instruments and voices welcome. All levels of experience. Everyone will set up in a circle, and each person picks a song in turn !  Jewels and Johnny have toured and performed together for over 12 years, honing their country-folk-psych sound that is equal parts Bakersfield and Sunset Strip. Johnny is a an accomplished self taught guitarist, and was lead guitarist for seminal LA cow-punk band The Joneses.  These high desert denizens split their time between Joshua Tree, Topanga & Baja. 

SAT  -  5:15pm 

Jon Stancato    
Inside Voice  
Lauded as "ingenious" by the New York Times, Jonathan teaches Inside Voice, the 5-octave, multi-phonic, mindbody approach to singing he developed as an instructor at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and in an ongoing residency at Judson Memorial Church in NYC. This work has brought him all over England, France, and the US, including a stint at the TED Conferences, where he became known as the "TED Whisperer”.  He is also Co-Artistic Director of Stolen Chair, the 4-time Drama Desk-nominated theatre company in NYC.  He's so excited to be back for his second summer of desert magic at JTMF. Find about his work at www.singasecret.com    
FRI 11:15am  & SAT 12:45pm 

Markus Meurer    
Markus will be performing on the main stage on SAT @ 4:45pm with AIRTIST, a biodynamic trance dance band that fuels the dance floor with the natural vibrations of their air fueled instruments.  Markus will show you the instrument of the aboriginal people from all sides, starting with how its made and played traditionally in North-East Arnhemland in Australia, to how its made and played today. From circular breathing basics, to techniques for advanced players! 
SAT 9:30am 

Stevan Morris      
Hand Pan Jam  
Join a handpan jam and sound bath. A longtime percussionist, Stevan was instantly drawn to the handpan, a steel percussion  instrument invented in 2001 for the purpose of healing.  Stevan is well versed in all things handpan, having performed all over the US, and he is currently working for a Long Beach based handpan maker.  Learn about improvisational music, how to jam with others, and to see and hear the magic healing sounds of the handpan.


FRI - 2:15pm  &  SUN  - 1:30pm  

Szabolics Gimesi    
Jews Harp
Szabi is performing on the main stage on SAT @ 4:45pm with AIRTIST, a biodynamic trance dance band that fuels the dance floor with the natural vibrations of their air fueled instruments.   Gimes will show in this playshop the very first steps and sounds you can make with a Jews harp - up to various techniques that you need for upbeat tempo playing !  Szabi will also bring some beginners instrument with him that you can try yourself how to play it !

SUN  - 10:30am  

Walter Winfield   
Khi Cong
Entering his 72nd year, Walter has incorporated yoga, breathing and martial arts into his life since his teen years. He began practicing Khi Cong in the 90’s and started leading a free class on the cliffs of Laguna Beach over 20 years ago. Khi Cong translates to ‘life energy cultivation’.  It is a self healing technique used to align body, breath, and mind for health, meditation and martial arts training.  Now a high desert resident, he continues to offer free classes every Sunday.


FRI,  SAT  8:15am  SUN 8am