Andrew Ecker 
Ceremonial Drum Circle - FRI 4pm
Poet, Artist, Drum Ceremony Facilitator, and architect of Neotribal culture; Andrew is the grandson of Cresencia “Cora” Alvarez, an Apache Curandrea (Herbalist & Healer).  Andrew has continued his family tradition of transformative healing work by honoring the ancestors in the work he does with the drum. “It is only through the intentional movement of energy that we as a neotribal people will see the world transformed to serve our awakened culture”.  Andrew will also host two talks at SANCTUARY – Talking Cirlce and 7 Sacred Containers.  www.reinhabitingthevillage.com  

Bicicletas por la Paz               
Afro-Colombian Music - SAT 4:15pm
Bicicletas Por La Paz will perform on the Main Stage on SUN at 6:15pm.   Don’t miss their playshop on SAT at 4pm as they will be breaking down some Afro-Colombian "Cumbia" !  They will explore the relationship between Afro-Colombian rhythms and other Carribean, while performing some originals as well.  Bicicletas delivered a wicked set of music at the fall JTMF; so glad to have them back.  Be prepared to dance !  http://www.bicicletasporlapaz.com/

Con Brio                                 
May the Funk be with You - SUN 11:30am
Simply put, Con Brio is one of the hottest touring bands today. Their musicianship, energy and collective charisma make them a tour de force.  They graced the stage at JTMF back in 2015, and have been touring the world ever since, honing their craft. Dig them LIVE on the main stage on SAT at 10pm, but be sure to catch this intimate playshop to get to know them better. Be ready to laugh, cry and to get way, way, down.  http://www.thebandconbrio.com

Fernando Artiga                     
Belonging - Creative Movement - FRI 2:30pm
This is interactive dance class using primal animal archetypes. We would tap in to the creative Mythic archetypes both individually and culturally to engage life's intelligence and abundance.   We will create a gentle playful container where we can listen to our somatic intelligence and needs while inviting, expression, creation, and play in a safe communal setting. Belonging is a dance movement practice that invites each mover to embody their unique self and take part in a co-creative experience. Through movement, dance and poetry participants will come into contact with a felt sense of authenticity and connection. 

The Garifuna Collective          
Global Musical Gumbo - SAT 11:45am
Garifuna are of African, Carib & Arawak Indian descent, that live mainly along the Carribean coast of northern Central America. The collective will perform on the Main Stage on Saturday at 3pm. They bring together the deep cultural roots of Garifuna music, mixed with modern grooves, arrangements, and instruments. Unique hand drums, the "primera" and "segunda", turtle shells and jawbones, guitars and bass. The musicians create a powerful energy on stage, building hypnotizing rhythms that form the backbone for the haunting melodies and powerful vocals that characterize the project.  www.aliaprod.com/garifuna-collective

Tune Intuit – A Journey of Story, Movement & Song - SAT 2:45pm
Braiding sounds from many cultures, Intuit weaves an auditory tapestry of reggae, blues, African poly-rhythm, folk, funk and jazz.  The rootsy groove is fueled by the impeccable rhythm section of drummer Jonny Jyemo, and bassist Otis Lande. Violinist and vocalist Brune Macary shines on stage. Lyrical prowess and songwriting from guitarist Neil Sullivan and cellist Chloe Watkins display the heart-centered, earth-minded intention to the band’s music. Intuit performed at the Fall 2013 & 2016 festivals, and will grace the Main Stage on Sunday at 11:35am. www.intuitband.com

Jenn Parma    
Chakra Balancing                    FRI 12:45pm and SUN 1pm  
In this class you will start to understand the energy centers – Chakras – and how to work with them through your daily life, using the essential oils (to assist in the opening, balancing and activation of the chakras) and movement (to move and release the energy) as tools to assist the work to balance them so the energy flows, bringing radiant health, freedom and consciousness.  We will bring in relating exercises where we will learn to give and receive energy by still staying balanced and centered within ourselves.  www.parmawellness.com

Lisa Starr
Drum Medicine Journey- SAT 1:15pm
Artist, Healer and Drum Medicine Woman.  Practical. Creative. Earthy. Spicy. Specializing in Shamanic Healing Arts for 17 years. Master crafter of drums and sacred instruments of power.   Passionate about inspiring others to recognize their potential and embrace their life purpose. www.drummedicinewoman.com

Nick Werth 
XyloSynth Sonic Meditations - SAT 10:30am
Let Yak Attack drummer Nick Werth soothe the savage beast.  Yak Attack will take you on a journey on the Boogaloo Stage on FRI 11:30pm.  Their musicianship is a marvel to witness and experience. For this playshop, Nick will lead you on a sonic meditation via the XyloSynth; an aural carpet ride extraordinaire.   www.yakattackmusic.com

Nigel Roman  
Open Mic - FRI & SAT 5:45pm  
To know Nigel is to love him.  His warmth and humor fill the room.  Songwriter, Sound Engineer, Dancer, Promoter, Barista, Artist, Friend, Family Member, Lover, Lifer; Nigel hosts the (soon to be) famous Open Mic night on Thursdays at the Frontier Café in Yucca Valley.  We are thrilled to have Nigel host the inaugural OPEN MIC sessions here at the festival.  See our GET INVOLVED page to sign up! www.facebook.com/colourhythm

Stevan Morris  
Hand Pan Jam - FRI 11am, SUN 2:45pm
 Join a handpan jam and sound bath. A longtime percussionist, Stevan was instantly drawn to the handpan, a steel percussion  instrument invented in 2001 for the purpose of healing.  Stevan is well versed in all things handpan, having performed all over the US, and he is currently working for a Long Beach based handpan maker.  Learn about improvisational music, how to jam with others, and to see and hear the magic healing sounds of the handpan.  stevanmorris.bandcamp.com  

Walter Winfield   
Qi Qong - FRI 9:45am, SAT 9:15am, SUN 8:45am
Entering his 72nd year, Walter has incorporated yoga, breathing and martial arts into his life since his teen years. He began practicing Khi Cong in the 90’s and started leading a free class on the cliffs of Laguna Beach over 20 years ago. Khi Cong translates to ‘life energy cultivation’.  It is a self healing technique used to align body, breath, and mind for health, meditation and martial arts training.  Now a high desert resident, he continues to offer free classes every Sunday.

Yossi Fine & Ben Aylon
Global Rhythms - SUN 10am
Representing the region of Israel and Palestine, Dabke music with a fresh mix of Dub, Gnawa and Trance. From the hills of Jerusalem, to the dunes of the Sahara, in a bass heavy 4X4 drive.  Don't miss their main stage set on SAT at 8:15pm !  Yossi is a master bass producer, Grammy nominated, and has produced 20 gold and multi-platinum albums. He has produced, recorded and played with David Bowie, Lou Reed, Gil Evans Orchestra, Vieux Farka Toure and many more.  He performed here in 2009, and we are thrilled for him to share his Global Musical theories with us in an intimate setting. http://www.yossifinemusic.com/


Pierette Baker and Brandon Kaysen
The Real Gong Show Sound Bath - SAT & SUN 9:45am (Boogaloo Stage)
Experience the restorative and refreshing powers of Gong meditation. Sacred Gong Immersion is a deep experience that brings the mind, body and spirit into balance through the resonance and vibration.  As sacred sound moves through us, it balances the body, clears out negative energy, and recharges the nervous system.  Relax and allow the frequencies to nourish the spirit and align your connections with the divine wisdom on a deep cellular level.