The Healing Oasis is a community of healers from all walks of life, offering many and varied types of healing modalities. Whether you want a massage or a sound healing, you can experience the wisdom and healing of these shamans, witches and therapists as they practice their craft with us. Each healer is chosen for experience and qualification in their field.  Group meditation will be offered each day of the festival to help us align with nature, our true selves and the earth we live on. Tea service will also be on hand in the Oasis for those wishing to slow down and contemplate while sipping aromatic teas.  

Adam Mednick - CMT, Acro Yoga Teacher   

 Adam offers the sacred dance of Thai Yoga Massage as a moving metta meditation and as a prayer in support of the client’s health, healing and well being.  His practice draws together years of partner movement experience to offer a skillful and artistic blend of acupressure, myofascial releases, and subtle energy work to gently and playfully open and invigorate the entire body and to invite the body's deep relaxation response.    


Anna Durga - B.S. Alternative Medicine, PT, CMT, RYT. 

 Anna has been in the health and wellness industry since 2005. She has studied many different types of movement methodologies from all over the world and would love to share her experience and skill set with you to help you find balance in your path. Her career has revolved around helping her clients to thrive through movement (fitness training, yoga, pilates) and postural corrections / stress management in applied massage therapy. Anna has studied Chinese Medicine at PCOM, San Diego and has co-created numerous retreats in levels of management, motivational speaking, and workshops on varied Alt. Med subject matter: Kinesiology, Massage Modalities and Yoga (varied techniques). 
Modalities Offered:  Tui Na, Thai Massage / Stretching and Traction, Trigger Point / Deep Tissue, Castor Oil Belly Massage Qi Nei Tsang.  

Anahita King -  ​Ayurvedic Practitioner  

Enhance the desert’s ability to re-center and relax your nervous system by treating yourself to the gentle and nourishing rejuvenating therapies of Marma, Shirodhara and heart Basti. Anahita is a graduate of the Ayurvedic Institute, New Mexico, where she blossomed under the loving and compassionate tutelage of Dr. Vasant Lad.
Empower yourself through the wisdom and knowledge of the ancient healing system of Ayurveda during a consultation with Anahita. Learn how to shift your individual body’s imbalances back into harmony through mindful diet and lifestyle choices, based on your unique constitution formed at birth.


Andrew Raei -  ​OM-CMA 

What is a B12 Shot? A B12 Shot is an intramuscular shot of B12. B12 deficiency can result in many symptoms such as, Unexplained Fatigue, dizziness, neuropathy, pale complexion, forgetfulness, vision issues, muscle weakness, mood changes and stomach discomfort.  We offer  a high-quality, medical-grade B12 and B-Complex Shot. These injections are known and proven to; stimulate metabolism, enhance circadian rhythm, improve nerve function, increase energy, promote weight loss, reduce stress, improve sleep, fight heart disease and improve memory and mood!  These are a great way to improve your wellness and have an enhanced time at the festival and your life in general. These B12 shots are administered by a qualified medical professional under state license.   

Catherine Svehla, Phd.
Story Oracle: Mythological Medicine for Soulful Seekers

Divination methods and stories are time-tested tools for connecting with the mystery and finding answers to pressing questions. Catherine Svehla, PhD is a cultural mythologist and storytelling guide with an intuitive connection to the poetic and practical gifts carried in the myths and stories we live by. She created the story oracle and card deck from her years consulting and collaborating with individuals and groups. Tap into old story wisdom and your deep self to get insight into the questions, challenges, and opportunities facing you right now.

Christine Salazar - Holistic Health Practitioner, LMT
Christine has been in private practice since the year 2000 and has continued her education constantly to provide the most effective treatments possible for clients seeking relief for many types of disorders, including, but not limited to: Vertigo, plantar fasciitis, TMJ Disorder, pelvic floor disorders, Migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic or acute pain, neck & back pain, and many, many other issues. Using the many modalities she has been trained in, it is a frequent occurrence for people to find relief they never thought possible.  

Drew Elliott

Born and raised on an Island in the Pacific Northwest, Drew's interest in massage began in Southeast Asia, where he was exposed to an age-old tradition of touch therapy.  After receiving Traditional Thai Massage certification from the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand, he returned to Seattle to further his training as a Licensed Massage Therapist so he could share with others the eastern form and philosophy of massage. Since being licensed in the USA with Swedish, deep tissue and sport therapy massage he has recently returned from additional studies in Thailand where he acquired certification in advanced Thai massage techniques. Drew is ecstatic to share with you the 1000 year old traditions of healing touch passed down from the Buddhist monks of India and Thailand, once only shared within the monasteries. Therapies offered: 60min Traditional Thai Massage - $85, 90min Traditional Thai Massage - $115, 60min Thai Fusion/Specific Ailment - $85, 60min Swedish/Deep Tissue - $75, 30min Dancing Feet Therapy - $40

Fernando Artiga

Fernando knew touch was one of his callings since he was a teenager.  He has been practicing massage over fifteen years having completed basic massage schooling at three different schools and furthered his studies with mentors. Understanding anatomy and years of dance experience have given him the confidence to really dive deep and learn how to bring harmony to our over all health. Inevitably, this led him to study the mysteries of magic and Shamanism. Through shamanic studies and the healing arts, he has found a language informed by intuition and Spirit guides which facilitate the body’s natural healing intelligence!  Fernando’s healing style is a combination of deep tissue and myofacial release. He follows major muscle groups and using combination of intuition and client feed back, he gets a sense of what the body needs. This gentle and yet firm approach is refined by his knowledge of anatomy and Chinese acupressure points!  Fernando will be offering: Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Shiatsu/Acupressure at $2 per minute

John Brown - CMT, Massage Therapist/Bodyworker
Don't let the name and face fool you. I have a deep understanding of spirit, body, mind connection and oriental philosophy. I have over 25 years of experience, and I’ve trained and studied Traditional Shiatsu in Japan and at Harbin Hot Springs, Ca. I am fully certified in Chinese Acupressure. I tailor my massage to the individual needs of each client using various therapeutic techniques. I have worked on top 60 tennis pros. Coordinated massage teams for the MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Taught self maintenance through massage to students and teachers of all types of dance for C.A.P.H.E.R.D. and worked with Desert Orthopedic Center.
I have also owned a day spa and worked for some of the top country clubs in the Coachella Valley.    

Katy Garrett - LMT

Specializing in a therapeutic deep tissue style, Katy is confident to help relieve the body pains that frequently arise during festival celebration.  Her main training focuses around proper alignment and releasing bound fascia to allow the body to dance freely. Her nurturing strength will rejuvenate your body-mind-heart and keep you moving and grooving all weekend. 

Mary Ewing - DC, CMP

Hello Everyone!! I'm tremendously excited to be offering my services at Joshua Tree again!! I offer massage therapy utilizing deep tissue, myofascial release, Swedish, trigger point, joint mobilization, some energy work, lymphatic drainage and neuromuscular re-education. I also offer gentle chiropractic adjustments with Activator, manual adjusting, and extremity adjusting......and I love to give hugs. I look forward to working with you! 

Matthew Abrams

Matt has been a professional bodyworker for over 12 years and continues to run his private practice office in Newport Beach, California. He is intuitive in his work and customizes every session based on your needs. Experienced in working with hundreds of everyday people, from athletes, yogis, festival goers to clients with pain issues, injury recovery and general health maintenance needs. If you get therapy with Matt you can be confident you're in good hands. 

Rainbow - CMT

Come and get a magnificent Massage from Rainbow of Rainbow’s Rockstar Rejuvenation Station!  Festivaling in all its glory equals sore muscles and tired feet. 
Rainbow is dedicated to providing a beautiful and safe environment for festival goers to be attentively cared for, so they can get back to the action refreshed and rejuvenated.
Take a time out from the excitement and get luxuriously pampered like the Rockstar you are! 

Snohomish Brown - LAc, EMT

Sno is a Physician of Chinese Medicine, Herbalist, and Acupuncturist with a strong background in the healing arts. He has over fifteen years of clinical experience treating injuries using myofascia release, lymphatic drainage, and trigger point massage. He teaches Qi Gong and Tai Chi energy cultivation exercises and works with an integrative medicine clinic in Los Angeles.  

Susan Sykes - CMP, Ayurvedic Practitioner, LifeGuide
Sooz has been studying the healing arts for 25 years. She is a NAMA certified Ayurvedic practitioner and intuitive healer. She specializes in Pulse consultations, nutrition, tongue analysis, digestive issues, women’s health, breast health, body alignment and the use of Ayurvedic tools such as Guasha and Cupping therapy. Sooz is known to ‘channel’ answers during a consultation. She will be offering Ayurvedic consultations, neck & head massage, abdominal massage and life advice.     

Warren Jones - CMT

Warren has specialized in therapeutic massage since 1994. He combines years of training and experience with intuition to create a session that is balanced and tailored to your needs. Relaxing and Healing modalities offered are: Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage, and Foot Reflexology.