YOGA classes from sunrise to sunset.
39 classes by 15 instructors over 3 days.
See schedule below.

The Healing Oasis is a community of healers from all walks of life, offering many and varied types of healing
modalities. Whether you want a massage or a sound healing, you can experience the wisdom and healing of these shamans, witches and therapists as they practice their craft with us. Each healer is chosen for experience and
qualification in their field.  Group meditation will be offered each day of the festival to help us align with nature,
our true selves and the earth we live on. Tea service will also be on hand in the Oasis for those wishing to slow down and contemplate while sipping aromatic teas.  

We look forward to sharing the Oasis with you and all that it has to offer! 

May 2017 Yoga Schedule


7-8  -  YINRISE  -  Colin Schour

8-9  -  MORNING FLOW   -  Claire Perry

9-10  -  ACRO-PLAY - Scott Michael and Amanda Lee 

10-11  -  SACRED SUN MOVEMENT - Amy Caldwell 

11-12  -  HOT HATHA SOUP  -  Patricia Thompson

11 - 11:30  -  KIDZ MOVEMENT  -  Katie Marshall  (Kidz area)

12-1  -  EARTH FLOW   -  Cassandra Davis 

1-2:15  -  PARTNER YOGA -  Mark Boyko & Karen Abbot

2:15-3:15  -  ANANDA GROOVE  -  Michael Caldwell 

3:15-4:14  -  GENTLE MOVEMENT  -  Brittany Filips

4:15-5:15  -  TWIST & UNWIND - Gabriella Nagy 

5:15-6:15  -   INTUIT FLOW - Cat Minnihan 

6:15-7:15  -  SUNSET GROOVE  -  Georgina Smith