YOGA classes from sunrise to sunset.
39 classes by 15  instructors over 3 days.

May 2017 Yoga Schedule


7-8  -  YINRISE  -  Colin Schour

8-9  -  MORNING FLOW   -  Claire Perry

9-10  -  ACRO-PLAY - Scott Michael and Amanda Lee 

10-11  -  SACRED SUN MOVEMENT - Amy Caldwell 

11-12  -  HOT HATHA SOUP  -  Patricia Thompson

11 - 11:30  -  KIDZ MOVEMENT  -  Katie Marshall  (Kidz area)

12-1  -  EARTH FLOW   -  Cassandra Davis 

1-2:15  -  PARTNER YOGA -  Mark Boyko & Karen Abbot

2:15-3:15  -  ANANDA GROOVE  -  Michael Caldwell 

3:15-4:14  -  GENTLE MOVEMENT  -  Brittany Filips

4:15-5:15  -  TWIST & UNWIND - Gabriella Nagy 

5:15-6:15  -   INTUIT FLOW - Cat Minnihan 

6:15-7:15  -  SUNSET GROOVE  -  Georgina Meister

ZERO GRAVITY Aerial Yoga - Shakti Sherry 

Amanda Lee & Scott Michael
Acro - Play

Amanda Lee is a mover and a shaker who practices all forms of movement - from dance, to hula hooping to yoga.  She is a 500 RYT from YogaWorks and has been teaching various styles of yoga such as vinyasa flow, yin yoga and restorative for five years.  Her most recent passion has been bonding with her love, Scott Michael, doing acro yoga.  Together they teach a class that goes beyond just the physical partner postures, but connects two individuals in a deeper way through breath, awareness and community.  The class is appropriate for all levels, be ready to play, fly and bond with a someone!  Scott Michael - "Movement and nutrition enthusiast Scott Michael uses his background in calisthenics and capoeira to lead a flow of strength and grace with a concentration on mindful breathing. You can find him at your festi yoga-shala with his beautiful partner Amanda Lee, leading a restorative acro-yoga class for practitioners of all levels. No partner or experience necessary!"  

Amy Caldwell
Sacred Sun Movement

Amy has dedicated herself to the practice, study and teaching of yoga since discovering its joys and benefits in 1997 while backpacking throughout Asia, Australia, and parts of Europe. She trained in the disciplines of Ashtanga (Tim Miller, BNS Iyengar), Sivananda (Swami Sivanand, India), Iyengar (Roger Cole, Jo Zukovich, Aman Keays) and Anusara (Diana Beardsley) combining elements of these styles into a dynamic and inspiring alignment-based flow. She and her husband Michael have studied Vipassana meditation and incorporate its teachings of awareness into their San Diego based studio Yoga One and life with their two children. Amy helped create the best selling iYoga Premium app with 3D4Medical.

Brittany Filips
Gentle Movement

Brittany is a San Diego native, born and raised in Encinitas. She is a Yoga Alliance certified in  Hatha Vinyasa 500 hr YTT with teachers, Amanda Kriebal and Stacy McCarthy. She has a passion for the outdoors and has been an avid rock climber for four years and a surfer for most of her life. These two passions are what led her to love yoga, and melding nature with the body. She teaches alignment focused classes that will take your practice not only deeper on your mat but will also inspire you to live your yoga. She attracts the creative spirit who want to use yoga as a tool to be the highest version of themselves. 

Cassandra Davis
Earth Flow

Cassandra is a certified Hatha instructor. Having practiced and studied for several years, including time in India as well as Peru, she has extensive experience in a wide variety of yoga styles. As a certified personal trainer working towards a PhD in Holistic nutrition, she has a well-rounded knowledge of physiology and yoga philosophy. She lovingly guides beginner as well as experienced yogi into a balancing mind-body-spirit experience. The perfect time to begin or deepen your journey to better health is NOW.

Cat Minnihan
Intuit Flow

Root deeply into your spirit by exploring your personal universe through the practice of flow. Ride the sweet boundaries of your individual depth and embrace the fluidity and playfulness that yoga has to offer by engaging your senses and connecting each mindful movement with nourishing, pranic (life force) breath. Cat has been following the path of yoga for nearly two decades and dedicates her studies to the Ashtanga vinyasa system. She teaches a wide selection of classes and workshops in northern Cali, from Vinyasa, Power, prenatal and kids yoga. She invites all levels and ages to come play and explore the sustainable joy that yoga has to offer.

Claire Perry
Morning Flow

A lover of life, Claire teaches others to shine. Yoga is her source of light, indoor cycling her power, and Pilates her strength.  You can find her classes in Orange County, or join her for upcoming retreats. When not teaching her other passion is performing onstage in musicals, and providing makeup artistry. Theatrical and nurturing in her teaching style, she will keep you entertained and engaged. Claire's goal is to help you achieve yours; come with a willingness to learn and she will guide you along the path. Namasté.

Colin Schour
Yin Rise

Colin’s supportive teaching style encourages comfort and stability, while challenging students to progress in their practice. His language and style are meant to encourage a proper balance between effort and ease, so as to coax the body, breath and mind deeper in a safe and effective manner. At festivals, Colin’s primary goal is to introduce people to something new, offer the space for self-care, and leave the community with a smile in their heart.

Gabriella Nagy
Twist & Unwind

Celestial Flow Yoga – is learning about the everlasting messages from the yogic tradition. In this class Gabriella will be guiding you through mythological stories where we’ll embody it’s characters by practicing asananas along with performing breathing exercises to prepare our inner space to be a tender, fertile soil where the teachings from these stories can take root effortlessly and will stay with us and be useful in the future.  Celestial Flow Yoga is suitable for all levels of experience beginners can learn new asanas and advance students can deepen their practice.  


Georgina Meister
Sunset Groove

Georgina  is a seasoned yoga teacher from right here in Joshua Tree. Her joyful energy and passion for yoga is infused into classes with a style that blends movement, breath, and sound into a relaxing and rejuvenating well rounded class.    She teaches locally at Instant Karma Yoga right here in town.


Karen Abbot & Mark Boyko
Partner Yoga

Come play with Karen and Mark in a high vibration of fun and love. Partner Yoga increases joy, playfulness, and deep releases with the help of others.  You don’t need to bring a partner, just show up and there will be folks to connect with.  In community, learn to lightheartedly explore your abilities to open, communicate and trust.  Karen has been teaching heart-centered yoga for 18 years in San Diego and rural Arizona with certifications in Hatha, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, and AcroYoga. When she partnered with her yogi husband Mark (also certified), a childlike playfulness emerged.


Katie Marshall 
Kids Movement (at Kidsville)

Katie wasn't always a yogi, originally a collegiate and semi professional women's soccer athlete,  she found yoga after sports.  Katie has a B.A in Psychology and is Certified through Yogaworks. She teaches yoga to improve the mind-body connection while improving stamina and awareness. For Katie, yoga is about connecting to yourself and in turn connecting to the rest of the universe realizing we are all one. 


Michael Caldwell 
Ananda Groove

Michael has been practicing yoga and incorporating its philosophy into his life since 1997. In 2002, he and his wife Amy co-founded award-wining Yoga One studio in San Diego. Michael's kind and gentle manner is well suited to leading students of all levels. He likes to have fun on and off the mat. He conceived and compiled the Yoga One CD released by Quango Music Group and featuring various artists such as Thievery Corporation, Bitter Sweet and Zero 7.


Patricia Thompson 
Hot Hatha Soup

Yoga with Patricia is like hot Hatha Soup - an eclectic mix of influences and intention, encouraging students to recognize their innate wisdom and unbounded joy!  Come feed your soul with connection to the breath, postures that challenge and strengthen, and union with that which is universal.


Shakti Sherry  
Zero Gravity Aerial Yoga 

Sherry brings yoga, fitness, body bliss, play and fun to a whole new level.  Her newest Zero Gravity Gym Yoga Swings are unequivocal for whole body stretching and free form movement.  With the support of a Zero Gravity Gym anyone can achieve new levels of openings, releases, balance, strength, and vitality with pleasure and ease.  Come play with her and try them out.