The following artists will be painting LIVE at the festival! Their creations will be sold via silent auction, on SAT from 5pm – 6:30pm, in the music bowl.

Half the proceeds go to the artists, and half goes to the JOSHUA TREE LIVING ARTS (501c3).
These talented, passionate artists feed off the entergy of the festival and interaction with the audience.
Out of the studio and into the mix of the music and festivities !
Amanda Overmire
I am an ohioan living out in this beautiful desert now for 7 years. This will be my 12th festival here as well. I am a Tattoo Artist who loves meeting new people and contributing to the world of art around me.
Annie Sturm
Annie loves to create art that engages the mind. By using defined images in an open ended way, she leads others to out of the box thinking! She enjoys painting in a community where people can share their thoughts, feelings, and inspirations.
Ashley Elliott
I paint colorful images of wildlife and nature merging with celestial bodies. My paintings often incorporate symbolism and are inspired by the vivid dreams I have. I travel often and use the changing landscape scenery to shift the mood and aesthetic of each piece I create while hoping to bring to life images that will speak to others.
Cheryl Kandel Gimson 
Painting in acrylics and embroidery art are my mediums. My most recent
work consists of pet portraits and paintings inspired by the beauty of the
high desert. My style can vary from bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors
utilizing a graphic style, to a more controlled realism. I enjoy taking pictures of scenery and wildlife and use photography to capture the animal companion or location for reference. My work is available at Joshua Tree Outfitters, Joshua Tree National Park visitor centers, or        
CJ Troxell
California native, avid surfing and skateboarder, graduate of U.C. Santa Cruz in psychology, he then relocated to New Orleans where he worked at a psychiatric hospital. His experiences there further inspired him to understand and connect with people from different walks of life.   The next fifteen years of his life were spent extensively traveling the globe.. Much of CJ`s artwork focuses on connected yet contrasting elements of life; old versus new, life versus death, beauty versus grotesque, in attempt to convey feelings of impermanence and imperfection in the viewer. His work shows an appreciation of life`s inherent duality between these extremes.   His intent is for the viewer to tune out both past and future, surrendering entirely to the essence of the painting in that exact moment.        
Daniela Bellissimo
Born and raised in Rome, Italy.  In 2008 she moved to Los Angeles, where she lived for 4 years before moving to the high desert.“I love and live the Mojave Desert, one of the most fascinating environments I've ever experienced. My studio is in Yucca Valley. The vastness of the desert can open your creativity; it has given me space in my mind to create and be a happy artist”.A recurring theme in Daniela's paintings - mostly abstracts - are circle shapes. An exploration that still excites her in a never ending production of new interpretations. She is now transitioning from bright colors to black and white; a new minimalist approach, a new chapter in her artistic carrier.
Heather Sprague
Heather Sprague Heather Sprague is a long time resident of the Morongo Basin. Her religion is science, her passion is art, her faith is in knowledge, and her love is the magic of nature. Any, or all of these things can be found in her art, where she seeks to show the connectedness of everything. You can find her online at:
Jamie O'Neil
Jamie O’Neil is a local artist who enjoys working across mediums. She loves textiles and does tie dye, batik, painting, and often on the same piece. She will paint on anything that will hold still long enough, and she loves bold color, glitter and metallic. She is inspired by other artists, music, nature, and even ancient art. She works as a school teacher by day, and paints every chance she gets. She is forever grateful to the talented women artists - her mom and grandma - who raised her and put a paintbrush in her hand when she was a small child.   
Jimbo Gimson
I have lived in the Hi desert for just over 20 years and have always been producing some kind of art, from sculptures, music,  funky buildings to documenting the history of the area artists through film and sound recording. I am thinking about another hybrid steel /acrylic painting for the Music festival, lets see what happens?
Kat Green
Kat Green is an artist who lives and works in a sunny studio in the high-desert of Joshua Tree, CA. Her paintings are expressionist in nature and focus on the idea of impermanence relative to life and relationships. There is usually no literal narrative in the work, but rather the paintings are about flux: a natural evolution that results from the passage of time and the ever-changing nature of life. She is drawn to the seemingly imperfect, unearthing and embracing subtle details to beckon the viewer to explore the work more closely. This wabi-sabi approach is central to her life and art making. In addition to painting, Kat is also an illustrator, workshop instructor, curator and co-creator/operator of the Tumbleweed Art Co. – a rolling small works art gallery in a vintage ’72 Winnebago.
Kathleen Strukoff
Capturing the essence of a scene (alla prima) on location in one quick and energetic session.  Kathleen uses a combination of palette knife and vigorous brushwork with bold colors to express her translation of the scene.  She is known for her brilliant colors and capturing the light whether it is an urbanscape or a landscape! Kathleen’s love for painting landscapes began as a young girl growing up in New Mexico where she first started painting in the beautiful environment of northern New Mexico.  Like many artists, she was moved by the spectacular vistas and colors that you see in nature on a daily basis when you live in the high desert areas of this state. In recent years, she has become obsessed with the spirit and challenge of plein air painting.
Keziah Jeanne Benson
Keziah Jeanne is a self-taught artist from Idyllwild California. Keziah paints from her visions of space travel and meditation while she draws inspiration from music gatherings, expressive dancing, and the healing powers of Earth.
Marcella Swett
I am a Southern California native. I enjoy working in a variety of mediums that often find their way onto the surfaces of my pieces. My representational work often contains a narrative element with layers of symbolism whereas my abstract body of work gives reference to my love of nature and patterns found under a microscope. 
Michael Wicks
There have always been rules and there have always been reasons to break them. Every medium, every art form begins with a set of rules. They may change with time and culture but they tend only to change where there are driving factors or motives to control them. But there are also times when people or movements will push or bend these rules
I started to paint in 2015 from digital images I’ve shot over the years. Learning under the tutelage of Alex Kube, renown acrylic and watercolor painter and Hanna & Barbera Animator. A local and international freelance Photographer and Painter, known for capturing underwater as well as land and journalistic images and creating paintings from both underwater and land images . Focusing on nature using long exposure, underwater and Infrared photography. Featured in National Wildlife Federation publications as well as Underwater Photo Magazine based in London and the site. His work has been used by IFAW in presentations to Congress for their Tails for Whales Campaign.  
Michael Shawn Cuevas
As an artist I'm inspired by the human experience , resilience and culture. I'd describe my painting as taking a street style approach, making stencils on the fly & blending aerosol with acrylic paint. I think symbolism is an influence in my creative process just as much as the overall experience of the festival and/or  creative space, Being from the Desert my roots always play a huge role in everything I do. Come say hello.
Michael Wayne Thompson
Self taught artist from Lawrence, Kansas. The goal of my artwork is to try and expand the mind of of people viewing my artwork. Through this goal I expand my own mind. Hard focus on geometry, color and flow.
Mikey Reed
Mikey Reed is an Artist and Musician residing in Sky Valley, California at his Interactive arts facility called “Lovelight Ranch.” Largely self taught and exploratory in my artistic adventures, I have through a lifetime developed a signature style and look to my art and continue to produce for two good reasons:
1: people want to see more
2: I always thought art could provide many enduring benefits....
I am hoping to sustain my elder years making, sharing and selling Art. ART SAVED MY LIFE and always makes the living easier. If you like it get some and come visit the studio in Sky Valley.
Miki Meadow  
I am a traveler. Traveling through this life, That which lies between birth and death.
I walk between the conscious and the subconscious mind, Between dreams and reality,
Between you and me. From time to time, I stop by this meadow to upload my baggages,
to rest my feet, and to gather my thoughts. In here, My tears are the rain that waters the plants, My soul is the sun that provides energy and warmth, My voice is the wind that invites the grass to dance, And your footsteps cultivate the soil. So take a walk in Miki’s Meadow, Where light and shadow meet, Where curiosity is the seed of flowers, Where I find rest at the end of the day.
Mr Mishmish
I am a surrealist and musical artist. I create otherworldly visions that are influenced by nature, reality, fantasy, illusion, and especially music. Much peace, love, happiness, truth, beauty and wisdom to you all.
Nora Bruhn
Nora is an artist inspired by living with one foot in San Francisco and the other in deep nature. Although she works in a range of styles, one will always find a developed sense of light and color.  Her deepest passions are learning about plants/ecosystems, engaging with people and contributing to the ever expanding street art scene. Find more of her work at   
Patrick Moran
Published author and illustrator, trained at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.
MORAN worked into early computer software development and animation while continuing his education with David J. Passalacqua primarily at Parson's School of Design and the Walt Disney World Resort.  MORAN began to focus on Fine Art as he transitioned away from software and game development. The winner of numerous awards for fine art, MORAN primarily focuses on the figure. He can be seen seasonally, painting at various art and music festivals throughout the United States.  MORAN has been a finalist in The Art Revolution Taipei International Artist Grand Prize competition since 2018. MORAN returns in 2019 to the competition with eight works showcased in the Salon.  
Rhadwood & Caro Caro
Canadian American artist Brad Rhadwood and Caro Caro met at Burning Man in 2015 and have been collaborating and art travelling together since. Wood, warp and derp converging to create collaborative works of an ever expanding nature. They’ve shown and performed together at many festivals and continue to share their gifts with the aim to activate and elevate spirits via the healing power of ‘treepy’ next level, awe inspiring art!
Sarah Schneider
Inspired by desert rust and nature...will be using collected motorcycle chain, baling wire, glue and other things found in my shed.
Wesley Gainey
Wesley Gainey is a High Desert artist and graphic designer. Often working under the moniker "8 Bit Imaginations," his art and style is influenced by counter culture, pop culture, old school gaming, and street art.