Opening Ceremony
A vibrational journey for the soul !! Be bathed in a Didgeridoo sonic bath in the music bowl. Friday at 9:15am.  Everyone is welcome, as the positive energy is heightened by each additional participant.

Light Box Photo Booth
Bomb Sam at the LIGHT BOX photo booth located between Boogaloo and Music Bowl entrance. Photos will be up online shortly after the festival. 

Black Tulip Cosmetics
Pop up makeovers by colorist & artist extraordinaire, Remy.  He will be offering Make Up & Body Art for donations at various locales around the festival.  The BLACK TULIP mission is to beautify the world using simple, organic ingredients. 
  Herbal Elixir Happy Hours
Visit the Habibi Harem (Jenny Q’s Grateful Desert & Akashic Art) booth in Vendor Row from 5pm-7pm for happy hour.  Health, humor, and unconditional love in abundance. Visit Jenny Q anytime at the booth for natural remedies for whatever ails. 

Create Your Own T-Shirts
Bring your own shirt, and choose from a variety of custom JTMF stencils to make your own ONE OF A KIND festival T-shirt.  NEW this year, Melodie of SnipTease will custom cut your T’s for some fashion forward fabulousness. Visit Melodie & Amy T at the creation station right near the MERCH booth.
Magic Bubbles & Balloons
Specializing in Good Clean Fun, Big Fun Bubbles provides an interactive play station to allow festival goers the experience of blowing giant bubbles. With a bubble solution formula based on science and passed down by Bubble Ambassadors we are witnessing one of nature's thinnest and strongest geometric shapes.  Anyone can create a bubble, but only you decides what it contains. 

Sherry Weber - Zero Gravity Swings
Sherry is creator of Yoga Air, new improved, most comfortable cotton spandex yoga swings.  Yoga Air offers support for whole body stretching, toning and 3d movement.  Find Sherry & the Yoga Swings in the Main Music Bowl by the artisan vendors.
The Dance Floor​
Get Down On it. Like you mean it.
Thursday Eve Kickoff Party
  As usual, we will serve up FREE rice and beans, and LAGUNITAS beer while supplies last, starting at 7pm.  Dig live sets by AFROLICIOUS,  GENE EVARO Jr., and Raul del Moral & Mustafa Akbar  !

Instant Anthems
RootHub is an 'immediate music' specialist, with a voice that resonates at the frequency of healing. He will create an Instant Anthem on the spot, personalized for you. Music created in the now that reflects the miracle of the moment !  Keep and eye out for RootHub as he flows through the festival. If he’s got his ukulele and his top hat on, that means he is in INSTANT ANTHEM mode and wants to make a pocket sized theme song just for you.  RootHub will also host an ANTHEM sing-a-long at Kidsville on SAT at 2pm.

Veggie Camp
A JTMF institution. Here you will find fresh veggies off the grill, wild conversation, and uplifting positive vibrations from late (midnight?) til early. They are located somewhere in the mid backstage camp area (follow your nose). Bring veggies to throw on the grill, and join in to help serve ‘em up to strange friends and friendly strangers.  Good times guaranteed at this safe cozy haven under the stars. File under: people helping people.
FlowBox Aerial Inspiration
We combine Flowbox Circus and Coachella Valley Aerial Fitness to bring you an hour of aerial dance and athleticism. Stop by and ask us about classes! 6pm to Sunset in the music bowl on FRI & SAT.

Slackline w/ YogaSlackers
On the other side of the big tree by the Kidsville Bus, join Tom & the Yoga Slackers in the challenge to keep it centered. Classes at Noon, 1pm & 2pm each day. Otherwise it’s free jam time. All ages, all skill levels, all fun.
Free Range Humans
Here at the Joshua Tree Music Festival, we have no VIP section, because we are all VIPs.  The whole mission behind the fest is coming together, community, enjoying each others’ company, and reveling in the shared experiences. Collective effervescence!