May 2019 Visual Art & Installations

Frick Frack Blackjack
Looking for a game? I bet you won't find another one quite like this one. Step right up and place a bet, but there's one catch: there's no money allowed. So what do you have? What's in your pockets? Frick Frack Blackjack revolves around the concepts of value and bartering. Within both of those elements lies a conversation and an interaction between two people. I have an array of items to choose from and the bet can be as big as that fancy necklace around your neck or the hat on your head, or it could be as small as a joke or a dare to amuse myself and the crowd. Kiss a friend, throw your shoes into the distance, or maybe get down on one knee and ask a stranger to marry? All seem like fine bets to me, let's figure out the worth between the two of us.

Stephen Cohen - Musical Sculptures
Stephen saves his used guitar strings, and uses them, with copper, bronze, brass, wood, recycled materials, and found objects, to create visual art, some of it playable, some of it wearable. He will be bringing his family of playable musical sculptures made from wood, bamboo, copper, bronze, brass, guitar strings, and found and recycled materials. The sculptures are interactive and able to be able to be played by passers-by.
The Sound Cave Project’s 5 Elements Tea House
Come play! Sound Caves are musical sculptures that immerse participants in the natural phenomenon of 1000’s of musical strings sympathetically resonating any sound made inside. Whether you choose to subtly pluck out beautiful melodies, or bang away ecstatically, all strings are intricately tuned to sound healing frequencies and mathematical proportions to make sure they sound great no matter what you play! Join us for the performances and gong fu tea ceremonies occurring sporadically throughout each event, or to ask our lead artist tyson ayers questions about the esoteric music theory imbued in all the tunings.

The Complimentary Bar
The Complimentary Bar is an interactive experiential art installation with live performers. Our energetic "bartenders" serve compliments, smiles and jokes thus creating a ripple effect of kindness and generosity. Our goal is to boost the self-confidence of everyone we come in contact with.  It's a clever play on words that rakes in tons of laughs when our patrons realize we're serving compliments, not alcohol.

Typewriter Troubadour
Jeremy M Brownlowe founded Typewriter Troubadour in 2015 while traveling across America with a typewriter creating/performing original pieces of poetry for curious pedestrians. He travels, living a minimalist lifestyle, using his creativity and typewriter as a tool to prove poetry has the power to unite us all. One word at a time.  Typewriter Troubadour creates custom poetry on demand using a vintage typewriter.

More artists to be announced......

Adam Rodriguez

Andrea Bellato 
Teach Peace Tent

Ashley Elliott

Bobby Furst
Peace Signs

Bret Philpot

Chelsea West
Thatched Huts

Chris Cockburn 

CJ Troxell
Yoga Stage Mural

Cory Hamilton & Echo Westover
Painted Unicorn

Dax Pierce 

Drake Burr
Harmonized Color

Ernest 'Hoodie' Salinas
Boogaloo Stage Woodwork

Fox McBride & James Golub
Earthen Benches in the Bowl

Genevieve Gilad
Disposed Rainbows

Guy Green
Metal Archways, Beer Garden Hut

Jamie O'Neil

Jenna Lamb
FlowBox Circus Troupe

Joey Buice
Antiplat Atelier

  Jose Diaz
Shade Poles, Mister Archway

Kathy Zyduck
Blacklight Mural

Kurosh Showghi
Sculpture on Indian Cove Stage

Lali Whisper 
Heart Mirror & Chair

Maryrose Crook
Relics of the Daughters of the Desert
 Mia Torres & Patrick Jernigan
This Land is Your Land Bungalow

Michael McCall 
Cafe Stage Backdrop

Patrick Hasson
Rainbow Splatter Murals

Prescott McCarthy 
Iron Curtain

Rhadwood & Caro Caro 

Rob Schoenborn 
Minty Prints Photo Booth

Roze Emantsal
Projections on Big Tree

Ryan Tiffany
Welding on Main Stages

Sarah Renner
Colorizing on Main Stages

Sarah Renner & CJ Troxell
Big Horn Collaboration

Sarah Schneider
Metal Artwork Copper Mt Stage

Sunny & Deborah
Space & Time Installation

Tetanus Collective
Metal Sunflower

Tyson Ayers
Sound Cave

Xiho Alvarez
Artwork on Indian Cove Stage​