Alan Siegel
Alan has been strolling ever so slowly down the Yogic road for nearly 57 years. 
In the 70s he studied the Practice of Bashti Yoga in India with Sri Sri Baba Aha Marjan Jairun.  His classes have a subtle yet strong emphasis on emphasis.

Amanda Chase
Amanda Chase is a certified vinyasa and kids' yoga teacher and Freelance Creative Consultant for wellness brands. Her passion for children's yoga stems from her childhood where she spent many days at daycare unable to find an outlet to express her emotions and creative mind. As an adult, she discovered yoga's healing nature and realized that these same techniques can foster positive growth and development in children. ​ ​Say hello at [email protected]

Amy Caldwell
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Brittany Filips
Feel your body connect on a deeper level of subtle body awareness with Brittany's Hatha Vinyassa flow class. Her goal is for her students to become more mindful in their body. She does this by guiding with breath , using it as a powerful tool to bridge the gap between mind and body. For Brittany yoga is much more then the physical asana practice. She hopes to inspire others to take yoga off of the mat and into their every day lives. 

Colin Schour
​​Forever a student and a teacher, Colin's classes are equally inspired by his studies and his students. His experience working with everyone from elite athletes to senior citizens allows for a dexterous and effective approach to his students’ needs. His supportive teaching style links the Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin and Nidra methods so as to encourage comfort and stability, while still challenging students to progress in their practice. With an eye towards alignment and the breath, Colin’s classes aim to advance concentration, body awareness and acceptance. Ultimately, Colin hopes to inspire understanding of the self and the occasional good laugh.

Cassidy Collins
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Corey Clark
​​Corey Clark is a creative force, whether in his art studio where he weaves together an infusion of Geometry, Color, Language, Nature and Mysticism, or in the space he holds as a guide in movement and meditation. His Ashtanga, Hatha, and Restorative classes a reflection of his personality: Playful, Knowing, and Soulful. Allowing those present to connect to their own Creative and Intuitive selves, therefore deepening their connection to all nature reveals.  

Karen Abbott & Mark Boyko
​​Come play with Karen and Mark in a high vibration of fun and love. Partner Yoga increases joy, playfulness, and deep releases with the help of others.  You don’t need to bring a partner, just show up and there will be folks to connect with.  In community, learn to lightheartedly explore your abilities to open, communicate and trust.  Karen has been teaching heart-centered yoga for 23 years in San Diego and rural Arizona with certifications in Hatha, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, and AcroYoga along with years of practice with Ashtanga, Anusara, Yin, Restorative, and Bikram.  When she partnered with her yogi husband Mark (also certified), a childlike playfulness emerged.

Laura Adona
After practicing yoga for over 10 years Laura found herself looking for a spiritual connection and ways to educate herself in order to deepen her practice.  Laura obtained her 200-hour RYT certificate at 8 Deep Yoga, a training program which emphasized that yoga is "deeper than asana". Becoming a yoga instructor has only made her a more voracious student of the world of "yogic" knowledge, but focusing on the breath and honoring one's body, she believes, is fundamental to any practice and something she hopes to impart on all her students. Her mantra is that anyone can practice yoga, all you have to do is breathe. Laura will guide you during a morning flow with poses that warm and awaken the body while greeting the morning sun.

Lisa Dang
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Michael Caldwell
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Patricia Thompson
Patricia Thompson is in love with yoga. She has been teaching yoga for six years, and finds that with every class she learns more and becomes more excited about the yoga tradition. She encourages students to approach their practice with self-love, curiosity and patience as they encounter themselves on the mat. Students can expect to be challenged in Patricia's classes as they explore the deeper and more subtle aspects of who they are, by creating a relationship with the breath and paying attention to how it feels to be connected with their body.  Patricia received her first 200 hour teacher certification from the Sivananda Ashram in Grass Valley, CA. This experience inspired her to complete a second 200 hour certification from Yoga Yoga, in Austin, TX.​    

Ray Rivera 
An ardent student (and guide) of Yoga, Pilates, and Acroyoga, Ray started yoga practice in summer of 2012, obtained 200 Hr certification in fall of 2015, guided classes after that through January 2018 and currently guides private classes two times a week. Ray started Pilates practice in fall of 2015 and guides Yogalates (fusion of Yoga & Pilates)  as well as Level 1 Acro classes. "I guide with gratitude and compassion to help others develop and grow while on their life-long journey of learning, growing, and evolving."
I guide with gratitude and compassion to help others develop and grow while on their life-long journey of learning, growing, and evolving.  

Philip Stamp
When I was young, I never thought of myself to be good enough to even try acrobatics/gymnastics, yet I was always fascinated. I began my movement practice as a kid with sailing, BMX bicycle riding and skim boarding. As I grew up, yoga became an interest of mine, and I only practiced a few times. In the summer of 2016, I saw a group of ACROYOGA practitioners, and in a single moment, I knew my life would be changed forever. I pushed WAY past my comfort zone and begin playing like a kid again by practicing acroyoga. There was never a better time to start than the NOW. One of my most favorite ways to connect and communicate with others is through the practice of acrobatic yoga. It has benefitted me in every aspect of my life. I use it to remind others of the potential we all posess that we often times are not aware of.   

Simon Ballard
As well as being a Pirate, Gypsy, Artist, and Multi Dimensional Paradigm Juggler,
Simon Ballard is a guide in Movement, Meditation, Sound, and Ceremony, as well as a leader and Co Facilitator in Teacher Trainings, Workshops, Retreats, and Festivals across the globe.  His studies and influences include that of Tantrika, Shamanism, Paganism, Ayurveda, Vibrational Sound, Indigenous Tribal Custom and Ritual, World Religion and Belief, Cultural Philosophy, The Power of Myth and Folklore, and The Dao. His Yoga studies have brought him through the paths of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Prasana, Restoratives, Kundalini,Nidra, and Carnie Consciousness.  

Sherry Weber - Zero Gravity Swings
Sherry is creator of Yoga Air, new improved, most comfortable cotton spandex yoga swings.  Yoga Air offers support for whole body stretching, toning and 3d movement.  Sherry is a performing dancer, super health coach, Yoga Air trainer and hosts super health retreats at her paradise in Hawaii.  You can find Sherry & the Yoga Swings in the Main Music Bowl by the artisan vendors.